News — January 04, 2021

JCI Iran urges JCI’s president to join in demanding Zoom to ignore illegal US sanctions violating NGOs rights

The president of JCI Iran, Navid Edriss,  in a letter to the JCI president Ryubun Kojima on Monday called for removing the restrictions of Zoom imposed on the Iranian youth and some other countries due to the US sanctions. Edriss stressed the need for ignoring such unilateral sanctions in order for NGOs and their members to be able to enjoy the opportunities amid the pandemic, “non- govermental organizations must not be affected adversely by such hostilities”.

In the name of God

Dear Sir,

Date:4th January 2021

As you are aware, all people across the globe are facing a common challenge, so-called Covid-19, since early 2020. Due to the pandemic, inevitably, most parts of the people’s activities, business, education, communication, etc. have been reshaped to digital form. Under such circumstances, many international events, such as General Assembly of JCI in 2020, were postponed or are being held virtually. Therefore, the online platforms are playing a crucial role in connecting the JCI Members together during the pandemic.

But simultaneously, there are certain unwarranted and illegal restrictions imposed by the United States government against Iran and some other countries, which have aggravated the already-hard living conditions of the affected people and have prevented them from the use of some platforms, such as Zoom. In other words, several Members of the JCI, including the Iranians, have hardly access to the various events and online sessions of this organization, due to the compliance of the Zoom with the imposed sanctions regime. Needless to emphasize that, according to the mission of JCI, all Members should provide developmental opportunities that empower young people, make positive changes and lead global network of young active citizens.

We believe that JCI, as an active non-governmental organization, must not be affected adversely by such hostilities and its young Members, including the Iranians, have the right to enjoy freely opportunities and networking with their counterparts from other countries within the existing framework. So, it is imperative that the JCI and its Members join the Iranian youth in demanding Zoom to abandon its restrictions imposed on the countries, which suffer from the unilateral sanctions regime.

I would be grateful if you would kindly circulate this letter for the information of all Members of the JCI and spare no efforts in dismantling such discriminatory measures, which hamper the required cooperation among the international community in general and among the NGOs in particular under the umbrella of multilateralism.

While wishing a happy, joyful and healthy New Year 2021 for you and all other Members of the JCI, please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Navid Edriss

President of JCI in Iran

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