News — January 04, 2021

Installation Ceremony of JCI Pokhara

JCI Pokhara is one of the LOMs of Nepal, which organized its Installation Ceremony for the board of 2021 on January 1, 2021 at Ranjit Event Centre, Pokhara, Nepal. Chief guest of the program National President of JCI Nepal-2021, JCI Senator Aruneshwar Khanal addressed the event and delivered best wishes to the new board. He further encouraged to participate in individual as well as community development based on need basis with more innovative approaches. The newly elected president of JCI Pokhara for the year 2021, Jc Kiran K.C., who is an academician and an IT entrepreneur presented his plan of action along with 5 year's Vision (2021-2025) for his LOM with vision statement as "JCI Pokhara : The Way Forward". Also, he declared his 2021 theme as "Youth Leadership-Translating Vision Into Reality". The vision included member empowerment, partnership projects, leadership development, organization's self-business and development of Training Academy. The program included oath taking by all the board members. The immediate past president Mr. Shiva Prasad Sapkota delivered vote of thanks to all the members and contributors to make his year 2020 a success while Secretary General, Mr. Bhairaj Ranamagar, hosted the program.

The opening ceremony was celebrated by launching the official website of the 48th JCI Nepal National Convention to be hosted by JCI Pokhara in Decembefr 2021 along with release of JCI Pokhara Souvenir - LEADER 2020

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