Stem Cell Challenge


Heikki Ihanamäki

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JCI Tampere


Heikki Ihanamäki


From March 1 to October 31, 2020


Get more people to join Stem Cell Registry.

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Good Health and Well-Being

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Health and Wellness


Get more people to join Stem Cell Registry. Stem Cell registry is a global registry and it tries to find people to donate a stem cell transplant. This transplant is a patient´s last hope when nothing else has worked. Normally used as a treatment in bloodcancers e.g. leucemia.


Stem Cell Challenge started in March 2020. JCI Tampere challenged all other JCI Chapters in Finland to support this challenge and spread the message. Main target was to get more people to join Stem Cell Registry. Challenge also organized a Stem Cell Seminar in Helsinki. It was organized together by JCI Tampere and JCI Havis Amanda and it was a part of JCI Finlands National Conference. Seminar was hosted by Peter Nyman, very well known journalist in Finland. Other guest were Henry Liukko-Sipi (his 5 year old daughter has got stem cell transplant twice while sufferng in difficult leucemia.), Terhi Järvinen (she got stem cell tranplant 15 years ago as treatment to leucemia) and JCI members Mr. Mikael Wänskä and Mr Jaakko Lahtinen who both have donated stem cell transplant.


Main goal was to get more people to join Stem Cell Registry. During our campaign, we reached nearly 160000 people in social media channels.

Finland National Stem Cell Registry got nearly 35% more visitors to their webpage during this campaing (landing page: how to join stem cell registry). Normally in Finland average 5000 people join stem cell registry annually. During this campaing already nearly 6000 people had joined stem cell registry by the end on October 2020.


Stem Cell registry is a global registry, but each nation has its own national stem cell registry. To spread the knowledge of stem cell donation and the registry is the best way to get more people to join registry. This is all about saving people lives Giving them one more change to survive when everything else has already been done. This is their last hope to survive.

I will warmly recommend spread this challenge globally. If other JCI countries join this challenge we really can make a difference.


Heikki Ihanamäki, JCI Tampere,

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