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JCI Active Citizen Framework
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The JCI Active Citizen Framework is a methodology for running sustainable, needs-based projects that create measurable results in communities. The process start with assessing local needs, engaging partners to share resources and strenghts, conducting action-oriented projects and finally monitoring and evaluating results to ensure tangible, effective positive impact.

JCI members use the three stages of community development, health and wellness, education and economic empowerment and sustainability to determine local needs, form solutions and take action. The JCI Active Citizen Framework empowers young people to create impact for a better world.

JCI Active Citizen Framework Action Steps
Examine Community Needs
Community challenges cannot be solved without first understanding them. To enable communities to achieve sustainable impact, the community’s needs must be analyzed and understood first in order to identify their root causes.
Formulate Sustainable Solutions
By uniting with stakeholders from all sectors of society, projects are formulated to address the community’s core needs and their root causes. Collaborators outline a project plan including goals, actions and desired outcomes. Solutions target three integrated stages of community development that drive a community toward prosperity.
Take Action
Once the need and root cause have been identified, active citizens take action by mobilizing resources, rallying support and implementing the project plan. By combining resources, the community is enabled to achieve even greater sustainable impact.
Monitor and Evaluate Results
It is important to monitor progress throughout the project to determine if the goals and intended impact are on track to be achieved. Finally, analyze data to measure the resulting positive change.
Each Step of the Way
Engaging community stakeholders during each step ensures everyone takes ownership of the need and solution, resulting in sustainable impact.