2017 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution

As young active citizens dedicated to creating sustainable development for a peaceful future, we recognize our responsibility to be the generation that takes united action with all sectors of society—Government, Business and Civic Society—to create a better world. However, we understand this can only be achieved when we view the world’s challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities and mobilize others to take collaborative, unified action. Therefore, we acknowledge the need to empower those around us as well as the next generation of active citizens to both identify their unique purpose and follow in developing themselves into global change makers.

Together, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the building blocks to peace in which will end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and combat climate change. They represent the needs of millions of people worldwide; therefore, this set of 17 goals, are the foundation from which active citizens from all walks of life, can advance global development, ensure equality for all and foster an everlasting world peace in their communities across the globe.

As we work with all sectors of society to advance all 17 SDGs by their target deadline of 2030, we commit to:

Action 1: Engage Young People

Engaging young people to become active citizens and encourage them to identify their community’s greatest needs and take responsibility of developing both grassroots actions and solutions

Action 2: Promote the SDGs

Motivating active citizens to join the global movement to promote, take action and advocate for the SDGs while engaging all sectors of society

Action 3: Take Action

Taking action in our communities around the world by developing new or revaluating current activities to ensure they are aligned to the SDGs while engaging all sectors of society

Action 4: Share Impact

Sharing and expanding our unified global voice to intensify positive change created at the grassroots level through media and other relevant platforms

Action 5: Lead by Example

Leading positive change by implementing the SDGs in all of our actions to contribute to global sustainable development and a peaceful future

As young active citizens, we accept this important responsibility as the generation to drive the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to reaching the goals target deadline of 2030.