The following requirements must be met in order to attend the 2020 JCI Academy:
1. Each National Organization may submit only one applicant, and the applicant must have received the official online endorsement of their National President for the application to be valid.
2. Only fully affiliated National Organizations can have applicants to the JCI Academy. The applicant’s National Organization must be in good financial standing, as determined by the JCI Constitution, by April 15. This will be required at the time of approval or rejection of the candidate.
3. Only current elected National Board Officers are eligible to apply for the Academy. Current appointed National Executive Committee members are also eligible, on the condition that they have served as elected officers of the National Board in the past. However, applicants who are incoming National and/or Deputy President are preferred.
4. Applicants must not have participated in any previous JCI Academy. Incumbent National Presidents and Past National Presidents are not admitted.
5. Applicants must commit to and attend the entire Academy program. (This includes orientation, the complete Academy program, Graduation Ceremony and the final Farewell event.)
6. Applicants should have at least three years of experience as members of the JCI organizations in their respective National Organizations. Applicants must also commit to serving the organization for at least two additional years upon graduation (Example: 2020 Academy, applicant must be able to serve during 2021 and 2022)
7. The applicant must be able to speak and comprehend the English language proficiently. Translators and/or translating equipment will not be available or accepted during the Academy.
8. The applicant must be in a good health condition. It is strongly recommended that each participant have clean bill of health from a physician before traveling to attend the Academy. It will be quite and intense schedule, applicants must therefore be in good health.
9. Applicants shall be responsible for their roundtrip  transportation fare between their home/origin and Hakata Station and all incidental costs associated with their travel including meals, souvenir and accommodation.  The JCI Japan and JCI Fukuoka shall be responsible for the accommodation and meals of applicants from July 2 until July 11.