Travel Information
Airport: Haneda, Narita
From Tokyo station, take a bullet train for an hour and get off at Kruizawa station.

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JCI Karuizawa welcomes you and the 2019 JCI Academy to our beautiful Karuizawa.

Karuizawa has thrived as the most popular international summer resort in Japan since the late 19th century because of its cool summer climate and breezy environment with an abundance of birch and larch trees. Karuizawa became popular in the late 19th century as a summer retreat for missionaries and diplomats based in Tokyo. In 1886 Canadian missionary Alexander Croft Shaw became enchanted with Karuizawa’s beauty, and returned 2 years later to build the region’s first summer residence.

The upper echelons of Japanese society- including members of the Diet and indeed the Imperial Family- quickly caught on and began to summer in the town to escape Tokyo’s blistering summer heat. The excellent ski slopes and long golfing season- which runs into December- led to Karuizawa becoming a popular choice for a winter break too. It is also the closet mountain resort town to the bullet train in 1997 reduced the journey from Tokyo to a mere hour, placing Karuizawa firmly at the top of the list for those wanting to escape the hectic capital at any time of the year.

The town has inspired many a writer and is also home to some stunning museums. People still flock to Karuizawa to enjoy its rich culture, luxuriate in the open air hot-springs and enjoy the graceful peace of the wooded mountainside. Artists draw inspiration from the tranquility and abundant natural beauty. Celebrated Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki set his final film, “The Wind Rises” in Karuizawa.

Musicians and business magnates continue to chose to spend their leisure time here. As well as being home to the first western style hotel in Japan- the Mampei(est. 1894)- it remains an ever popular place to build a summer home, both among wealthy Japanese and international movers and shakers.

Karuizawa- which was originally an important post stop on the road between Kyoto and Edo (old Tokyo) - also enjoys a reputation as a sophisticated conference and business destination. Meetings may be hosted both in and outdoors, all the while drinking in the beauty of the rich natural surroundings.

The members of JCI Karuizawa are looking forward to seeing and entertaining you at the 2019 JCI Academy in Karuizawa. See you in Karuizawa!