2019 JCI Academy
*Last updated on 13:55, February 1, 2019 (UTC)

1. Applicants will go through a screening process and JCI Secretary General will email the result of it to individual applicants and their National Presidents late April.
2. Applicants should not purchase their flight tickets until they receive an approval email late April. JCI Academy and JCI will not be responsible for any liability arose from cancellation of flight.
3. Once approved as a delegate, they should consider purchasing a personal travel insurance. Insurance provided by the event covers accidents that occur only between the points when delegates start traveling and return home after leaving Japan on July 13th.
4. Delegates must be responsible for round transportation fare between their home/origin and Karuizawa station and personal consumption such as souvenir and commodities.  Accommodations from July 4 until July 12 as well as meals will be at the courtesy of JCI Japan and JCI Karuizawa.
5. JCI Academy Commission, JCI Karuizawa, JCI Japan and host families will take care of delegates only during the event and not before and after the event.

Event Information
Arrival: July 4th
Departure: July 13th
*The delegates must arrive in Karuizawa and check in at the designated hotel on July 4th.  They must leave Karuizawa and Japan on July 13th. Those applicants who cannot follow the schedule are not approved to attend the JCI Academy.

Location: Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan
Host Local Organization: JCI Karuizawa
Delegates: Approximately 80 overseas delegates and 100 delegates from JCI Japan
Program: Homestay, cultural experience, school visit, etc
Nearby airport: Narita airport, Haneda airport

February 15: National Organizations must submit an install payment plan approved by the JCI Secretary General to JCI.
March 15: Online registration closes.
April 15: National Organizations must complete payment of their membership dues.
Late April: Applicants receive an email from JCI either accepting or rejecting their application to be delegates.
Early May:  JCI Japan will send documents needed by those delegates who require a visa to enter Japan, so that they may initiate the application process in their country of residence.

For more information, registration troubleshooting, inquiries:
Contact JCI Engagement Director for Asia and the Pacific area Yasuyo Kay Koga at ykoga@jci.cc.  After you receive an approval email to be a delegate, please contact the organizing team at 2019jciacademy@jci.cc copying Engagement Director ykoga@jci.cc.