ATTENTION: Overseas Delegates must arrive in Odawara on September 15th and depart on September 24th.

The briefing session happening on September 16th is mandatory.

Homestay program: September 16th to September 18th.

Opening Ceremony: September 19th.

Graduation Ceremony: September 23rd.

It is mandatory to attend all sessions and events of the JCI Academy in order to graduate from it, including the Homestay Program and Graduation Ceremony.

Transportation to Odawara

The nearest station to the venue is Odawara Station.

Please note that delegates are required to make their own way to Odawara Station.

Odawara Station is connected by train to make your travel to the area easy and smooth and Odawara is a short train ride from Tokyo.

The fastest way to reach Odawara  is to take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train).

Recommended Transportation

Step 1: Narita Airport → Nippori Station → Tokyo Station (53 min) by Bullet Train

Step 2: Tokyo Station → Odawara Station (35 min) by Bullet Train

Travel time: about 140 minutes

Fare: JPY 5,840

Train fare and route information:

Important arrival time information: Delegates must arrive at the designated hotels by the night of September 15 to be ready to attend the first official JCI Academy program on the morning of September 16.

Important hotel and arrival information: Delegates will be informed which hotel they will be staying at on the night of September 15, before arrival, and will also receive detailed information regarding where to meet in Odawara City and how to get there in the weeks prior to the Academy.

What to bring with you?


You should bring any medications you require, but please carefully check to make sure they are legal to possess in Japan before packing them for your visit.

The following websites have further information on bringing medications into Japan:

Business cards

Please bring business cards for exchange purposes.

National or local mascots

If you have any local or national mascots, you may wish to bring these as well.

Visa requirements for entry to Japan

The following official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website provides the most up to date information on visa requirements* for entry to Japan:

*Please be sure to check with your nearest Japanese embassy for the exact visa requirements for your nationality to enter Japan, as the requirements may change depending on developments concerning the spread of COVID-19.

Entry visa application supporting documents

The JCI Japan Secretariat will send all the required documentation to support the visa applications of those delegates who will require a visa to enter Japan.


There is no vaccination requirement for entry to Japan.

  • Please bring any medications you require (but please check to see if your medications are permitted in Japan as noted above, as certain medications which are legal abroad are legally prohibited in Japan).
  • Makes sure you have medical insurance if needed.


100 volts AC / 60 Hz cycle

Outlet type: U.S. (2 pin outlet)


Japanese Yen

Delegates are requested to bring a sensible amount of cash and to exchange their currency for Japanese yen at major international airports BEFORE they arrive in Odawara.

You may be able to exchange U.S. dollars for Japanese yen at major banks, post offices and a few major hotels in Odawara city, however doing so is not easy and exchange facilities may be very hard to find. Currency exchange counters or bank branches are found at Haneda, Narita, Kansai, and other international airports.

Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants, and stores, nevertheless, it is highly recommended to carry some cash with you, while in Japan.


Tipping is not required in Japan.


To dial a number outside Japan, from within Japan, first dial 010, followed by the code for the country you are calling, then the area or city code, and the phone number.

For example, if you are trying to call someone in the US (country code 1), in the city of New York (city code 212), you would dial 010-1­212­XXX­XXXX.

To dial a number in Japan from outside Japan, please dial whatever prefix you would use to call overseas from your county, followed by the country code for Japan, which is 81, followed by the area or city code, and lastly your number in Japan.

For example, if you are in the US and trying to call someone in Japan (country code 81), in the city of Tokyo (city code 3), you would dial 011­81­3­XXX­XXXX.


Japanese is the official language in Odawara. Not many Japanese speak English in Odawara.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in hotel rooms and most areas. You may be forced to pay a fine if you are caught smoking in non-smoking areas.


Bring summer clothes. If there is a chance to visit the highlands with your host family, bring a light jacket. Laundry service is available at a cost at the hotel.


In the case of an emergency, please dial 119, for fire, rescue and ambulance services in Odawara. If you require police assistance, please dial 110

More information on use of these emergency services can be found here:

Delegates are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with instructions and manuals provided by the hotels and venues in case of any sort of emergency.