A vibrant, bustling city with cultural diversity unseen in any other metropolis, New York City provides an appropriate backdrop for the JCI Global Partnership Summit’s discussions on collaboration and cooperation.

The largest metropolitan area in the United States, New York exerts a powerful influence over worldwide activity in commerce, finance, culture and entertainment. In and of itself, the city is a case study in international synergies and successful collaboration between industries and governments.

General Information

Average July temperatures:

High Temp - 29°C (85°F)
Low Temp – 21°C (69°F)

Currency: United States Dollar

Languages Spoken: English

New York LaGuardia

John F. Kennedy International

Newark Liberty International (New Jersey)

Public Transportation
New York City Transit Authority Subway

New York City Transit Authority Buses

Taxi Services



Delegates traveling to New York City from outside the U.S. should verify with the U.S. embassy in their country if a visa is required.

Learn more about the visa procedure on the registration site.

Tourism Information
For information on shopping, nightlife, food and beverages, visit the New York State Board of Tourism and the Official Guide to NYC.