News — May 10, 2002

Meet your JCI Officers

From Area C, let's meet JCI Vice President Luis Humberto Brea del Castillo. Visiting Curazao, JCI Vice President Brea (second from right) appears with chapter presidents (from left) Abigail R. A. Hironimus-Paula, Marilse L. M. Statie, and Geno N. Wanga. JCI Vice President Luis Humberto Brea del Castillo Luis Humberto Brea del Castillo was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on November 17, 1966. Brea, who holds a degree in economics and conducted post-graduate studies in marketing and banking, is an economist by profession. He works as a business manager for a credit card company in Santo Domingo, where he resides with his wife Patricia. Impressed by Junior Chamber?s philosophy and mainly by its creed, Brea joined Junior Chamber in 1990. Since then, he has participated in various local and national activities, serving as president of his chapter in 1993 and as national president in 1997.
He has attended six JCI Area Conferences and three JCI World Congresses. His interest in training has helped him become an International Graduate of the JCI Training Institute. Because of his dedication to Junior Chamber, he was awarded a JCI Senatorship. He was elected JCI Vice President at the 56th JCI World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2001. During 2002, as JCI Vice President, he is serving the national organization members (NOMs) of Colombia, Dutch Caribbean, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico. He is looking forward to continue his Junior Chamber career at the international level and to develop a coherent and systematic plan of action for Area C. Brea advises members aspiring to become JCI officers to learn to develop a plan of action. He finds that a great deal of training is needed in this area, which he considers essential to effectively implement activities during a year in office. He also recommends that they be prepared for unexpected situations that may arise during a visit, accepting them always with a positive attitude. By being a Junior Chamber member, Brea feels that he has gained many friends and has achieved invaluable personal growth.
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