News — May 27, 2002

Area B Conference: Awards and Closing

Part III General Assembly Closing The General Assembly closing session took place on Monday, May 20. It was the last event of the official business program. Yukie Yamada from Tokyo Junior Chamber was chosen as Chairman of the Asian-Pacific Development Council (APDC). Delegates enjoyed a 2002 Las Vegas Congress presentation as well as 2003 JCI Area Conference presentations. Penang Junior Chamber was formally recognized as the 2004 JCI Area B Conference host. Fukuoka Junior Chamber announced its plans to bid as a future JCI World Congress host, receiving an enthusiastic response from delegates. Finally, 2002 Sendai Conference Director Conference Chikara "Dave" Sakagami handed over the ASPAC flag to 2003 Cebu Conference Director Jerry Rapes. General Assembly closed with a resounding applause.
The JCI Awards Ceremony The JCI Awards Ceremony was held at Sendai International Center on May 20. Winners' beamed with satisfaction and the audience shared their excitement. Koichiro Kimura?a Japanese lacquer-craft artist living in Sendai, whose work is in Museum of Modern Art in New York and is recognized throughout the world?designed an award trophy for this ceremony. With this trophy, Kimura brought the traditional art of "Sendai Tsuishu Lacquer Wave" into modern art. The winner of the Speaking Competition was Jackson Ng. Teck Seng from Malaysia Junior Chamber, while the winner of the First-Timers Competition was Polly Chui from Hong Kong Junior Chamber (China). Other winners included: Awards to Individual Members - Senator of the Year: Song Sek Joong, Inchon Junior Chamber, Korea - Outstanding Current Member: Reginald Yu, Manila Junior Chamber, Philippines - Outstanding LOM President of the Asia-Pacific Area: a) LOMs with up to 45 members: Ronny Wong Dien Yii, Mandarin Sibu Junior Chamber, Malaysia b) LOMs with 46 - 75 members: Rosemarie Murills, Perlas Pasay Junior Chamber, Philippines c) LOMs with over 75 members: Lee Yoo Jong, Daegu Junior Chamber, Korea Awards to Local Organization Members - Leadership Development: Lion Rock Junior Chamber, Hong Kong (China) - APDC Training: Hong Kong Jayceettes, Hong Kong (China) - Economic Affairs: Mandarin Sibu Junior Chamber, Malaysia - Best Community Development Project: Mandarin Sibu Junior Chamber, Malaysia - Environmental Improvement: Cagayan de Oro Junior Chamber, Philippines - Safety: Junior Chamber of Johor Bahru, Malaysia - Youth Activities: Pan Mac Junior Chamber, Macau (China) - Humanitarian Assistance Project: Manila Junior Chamber, Philippines - Cultural Affairs: Seoul Junior Chamber, Korea - Civic Involvement Program: Bauhimia Junior Chamber, Hong Kong (China) - Public Health Project: Hong Kong Junior Chamber, Hong Kong (China) - Assistance to the Handicapped: Manila Junior Chamber, Philippines - Jaycee Week: Mandarin Sibu Junior Chamber, Malaysia - Fund-raising Project: Hong Kong Jayceettes, Hong Kong (China) - Membership: Peninsula Junior Chamber, Hong Kong (China) - Best LOM Publication: Hong Kong Jayceettes, Hong Kong (China) - Public Relations: Victoria Junior Chamber, Hong Kong (China) - International Cooperation between Two JCI LOMs: Perlas Pasay Junior Chamber, Philippines - International Affairs: Manila Junior Chamber, Philippines - The Best of the Best Award: Pan Mac Junior Chamber, Macau (China) - Group I Awards, Outstanding LOM of the Asia Pacific Area: Perlas Pasay Junior Chamber, Philippines - Group I Awards, Outstanding New LOM of the Asia-Pacific Area: Katipunan Junior Chamber, Philippines Awards to National Organization Members: - Individual Development Program: Hong Kong Junior Chamber (China) - Youth Activities: Junior Chamber of the Philippines - Leadership Development: Japan Junior Chamber - Economic Affairs: Japan Junior Chamber - Special Membership Growth: a) NOMs with 1,000 members, Macau Junior Chamber, China b) NOMs with 1,001 to 5,000 members, Malaysia Junior Chamber - NOM Publication: Hong Kong Junior Chamber (China) - Public Relations: Indian Junior Chamber Conference Ball On May 20, the Conference Ball was held at Sendai Wholesale Dealer Center "Sun Festa." More than 1,000 participants with formal and national costumes enjoyed a superb ambience and a first-rate dinner with food from the Tohoku region and the company of good friends. Happiness found! ?It is my hope that every delegate can find ?happiness? by warmly interacting with members from all over Japan who are in Sendai to welcome you,? Shusaku Matsumoto, Japan Junior Chamber President, had said. However, not only delegates found ?happiness.? The organizers also found it! ?Your participation left me only with good memories of this conference, which gave me happiness,? said Conference Director Chikara "Dave" Sakagami. For more details, please go to --------------------------- We would like to thank Managing Editor and Sendai LOM President Wataru Takahashi, Chief Editor and Conference Director Wataru Takahashi, the Edit Team, and the Editorial Office, as well as Secretary General Benny Ellerbe, Deputy Secretary General Edson Kodama, and Area Director Edmond Sakai, who also contributed to the Area B Conference articles.
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