News — June 12, 2002

To Istanbul by Car?The Journey

Part Two Saturday, June 8?From Ghent to Colmar, France The project was launched with a reception at the Ghent City Hall. His Excellency the Turkish Ambassador to Belgium, His Excellency the Turkish Consul-General to Belgium, the First Alderman of the City of Ghent, the Belgian delegation, as well Renault and media representatives, attended this ceremony. After departing around 1 p.m., the delegation went from Ghent to Brussels and then to Luxembourg, where they had lunch. Around 8 p.m., they stopped in Colmar, France, for a delicious French-style dinner and a well-deserved rest.
Sunday, June 9?From France to the Italian Coast After a good French breakfast, the delegation left for Switzerland and continued, through multiple tunnels, to Italy. The temperature was only 17?C. However, in Switzerland's many tunnels, it was up to 28 ?C. Once in Italy, they had a quick lunch. They were running behind schedule mostly because many Italians wanted to know about the Renaults the delegation members were driving. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they informed Italians also about their project. The Swiss and Italian Highway Police, particularly interested in the Belgian delegates? mission, asked questions, examined their cars and logos, and although surprised, became convinced that this determined team was headed for Istanbul. After arriving at Riccione, next to Rimini on the Italian Coast, they had dinner at "Carlo's," an excellent seafood restaurant. Monday, June 10?Taking the Boat Delegation members exercised to loosen up their stiff bodies, explained the project to curious onlookers in Riccione, and then left for the port of Ancona, where they took a luxurious ship to Igoumenitsa, Greece. And the journey continues? To learn more about this fascinating project and the adventurous Junior Chamber members involved, as well as many other interesting details, please go to their website.
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