News — June 13, 2002

To Istanbul by Car?The Arrival!

Part Three Tuesday, June 11?Greece Our Belgian delegates continued their journey on narrow Greek highways, where they could barely reach 50 kph (30 mph) while hoping they were not driving over ?wild dogs or creeping turtles.? But such road complications were more than compensated by breathtaking views and superb landscapes. They also had a chance to savor Greek food, which they found delicious. They were surprised to notice that half of the cars on the road were German-made, and many Greeks seemed to speak German rather than English. At 7 p.m., they arrived at Kavala, between Thessaloniki and the Turkish border.
Wednesday, June 12?Istanbul! Crossing the Turkish border was an adventure! They had to go through border control, buy visas, pass immigration control, and validate their vehicle documents. Then they had to go to a control desk where all previous stamps were checked. Finally, they were free to drive into Turkey, saluted by at least six soldiers. Luckily for our travelers, a Turkish minister happened to be visiting the border police at the Greek-Turkish border. This minister, who also drove a Renault, stopped to admire the Belgian delegation?s vehicles. Clearly impressed by the luxury of the Renault Vel Satis, he even sat in it. Border police officers were certainly not going to antagonize our Renault drivers! Enjoying beautiful sights in Turkey, our team went to the airport to greet the rest of the Belgian delegates. After attending an introductory briefing, they changed clothes for the Conference Opening Ceremony, which was followed by an outdoor opening party. They obviously had great fun, judging by their photos. They had accomplished the first part of their objective?to arrive on time for the Opening Ceremony. Congratulations! To learn more about this fascinating project and the adventurous Junior Chamber members involved, as well as many other interesting details, please go to their website.
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