News — January 20, 2017

2017 JCI Board of Directors Meeting: Engaging the Next Generation of Young Active Citizens

Millennials are now the largest living generation our world has ever seen and in the next few years our organization will consist entirely of this generation, so the question is how do we engage these individuals? This among other things was a leading topic during the 2017 January Board Meeting which took place January 9 to 15 in St. Louis, USA. 


Build a Better Future

The meeting kicked off with a motivational session led by JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson and 2017 JCI President Dawn Hetzel. During this session Obenson encouraged the newly elected Board to look at the challenges that surround us today and find the opportunity to make change. As an organization that is focused on the development of young people globally, we need to continually ask ourselves how we can empower these young people and how that ultimately can change the world. 


During the afternoon, the Board explored the City of St. Louis where they took in views of the iconic St. Louis Arch, toured the grounds of the 1904 World’s Fair and were even given a special tour of the notable Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis; a historic Roman Catholic Church completed in 1914 most known for its large mosaic installation. 


On day two of the meeting, the Board visited the grave of JCI Founder Henry Giessenbier, paying tribute to the 102-year old JCI Movement and his vision of an everlasting peace. 


Later that afternoon, the meeting continued as the Board engaged in sessions covering topics that ranged from the Global Goals for Sustainable Development to millennial engagement and how we can work to ensure that we are the premier outlet for young people looking to make change globally. Following the Global Goals session, JCI and the Global Growth Institute went live on Facebook to announce their official partnership and sign a Memorandum of Understanding in order to work toward the development of leadership and management skills in youth globally.  


Day three of the meeting kicked off with 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems leading the Strategic Planning and Implementation Session where he challenged the Board to look at what drives JCI and its members and what we need to do in order to create real sustainable impact. Download the 2014–2018 JCI Strategic Plan to learn more.


The Board also participated in an engaging session on how to give a successful presentation by a professional trainer from Dale Carnegie Training; they also received one-on-one time with the trainer to practice these newly learned skills and techniques. Other breakout sessions included sessions on overcoming challenges in their assigned JCI Areas and National Organizations and how to successfully implement the 2017 JCI Plan of Action. These in-depth sessions provided the Board the opportunity to further develop their skills for their one year to lead and define their concrete plans for the year to come. 


The final session of the day addressed the Board and their role as social media ambassadors for JCI and how they can utilize social media to engage JCI members and organizations in order to amplify our message and impact globally.   


The final two days of January Board Meeting were busy with important organizational discussions and decisions being made during the 2017 JCI Executive Committee Meeting and 2017 JCI Board of Directors Meeting. 


The new officers concluded their week feeling inspired and motivated to create positive change and ready to turn peace efforts from commitment to action and advocacy in 2017.  


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Visit the JCI Facebook Page to see photos from the 2017 JCI January Board Meeting. 

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