News — August 16, 2002

European Academy Trains Future Junior Chamber Leaders

I will strive to convince my fellow Junior Chamber members to follow me and to discover what our organization has to offer. ?Yvan Botteron, 2002 JCI European Academy Graduate from Switzerland In Gothenburg, Sweden, almost 60 delegates from 28 European National Organization Members (NOMs) participated in the European Academy, designed to give incoming local presidents and officers the tools for their year of office. From August 2 until August 6, the fictional Hising Island Junior Chamber, with its 10 imaginary chapters or LOMs, was brought back to life as a prop for the European Academy. Delegates were assigned to the imaginary LOMs and had to elect LOM boards. After discussing JCI?s mission, vision and values, and giving names to their LOMs, they held their first general assembly meeting. JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector?acting as Hising Island Junior Chamber National President?chaired the assembly and taught participants how to run a meeting effectively following the Robert?s Rules of Order.
During the next three days, participants trained by attending several other general assembly meetings and discussing 14 agenda items. As part of general assembly activities, all LOM representatives worked on establishing a marketing plan for Hising Island, bidding for the national convention site, and electing the 2003 Hising Island national president. Outstanding Coaches A high-level team of coaches from all over Europe, lead by Head Coach Leslie Jamieson from British Junior Chamber, trained future European Junior Chamber officers in leadership skills, team building, marketing a chapter, working with the media, and setting and achieving goals in 2003 and beyond. Coaches also offered participants a day outdoors practicing several team and leadership activities. Toward the end of the Academy, 2001 JCI Executive Vice President Fernando Sanchez Arias conducted a highly motivating session and briefed the participants on the LEAD program. Graduation The graduation was held in the presence JCI President Salvi Batlle, JCI Executive Vice Presidents Kevin Cullinane and Lars Hajslund (who lives close to the Academy site), and JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector. Europe has now a new crop of Junior Chamber leaders ready to leave their mark of quality and commitment as they head future generations of Junior Chamber members.
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