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And More Training - Other provocative topics in Barcelona training included:

HOW TO FEEL GOOD AND STAY POSITIVE, NO MATTER WHAT, by Mary Kay Mueller, gave delegates a 10-minutes-a-day success formula to help them stay positive even when it feels like everything is crashing around them. GROWTHWORKS, INC., and PERSONAL PROD
HOW TO FEEL GOOD AND STAY POSITIVE, NO MATTER WHAT, by Mary Kay Mueller, gave delegates a 10-minutes-a-day success formula to help them stay positive even when it feels like everything is crashing around them. GROWTHWORKS, INC., and PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY by Kerry Gleeson taught the keys to success in work and life. Attendees learned the fundamentals of productive work behavior, the importance of having clearly defined goals, how to work and plan effectively, overcome procrastination, become better organized, and get one’s plan done to attain one's goals. In MAKING THE MOST OUT OF TECHNOLOGY, Gleeson offered the electronic tools that help one get more done. Participants learned how to organize the tools that are supposed to organize them, best utilize the Internet, and avoid information overload. THE MONDAY MORNING METHOD by 2002 JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector was presented in a fun, humorous and interactive style that taught leaders to get the most from themselves and their teams. Participants learned how to use Monday mornings to increase weekly productivity, lead change and innovation in their organizations, and increase confidence in themselves and those they lead. TURBO INSTRUCTORS COURSE (for new World Trade Game Leaders) by Junior Chamber Netherlands presented the rules and ways to evaluate a session of the World Trade Game. This course was an opportunity for participants to gain a fund-raising instrument for their NOMs/LOMs. EXPECTATIONS OF A LEADER by Paul Bridle, Proaction International, offered the results of 12 years of research and talking to people who work for leaders. Bridle explained what people expect from a leader; what makes people follow someone; and what characteristics people seek from the person who leads them. PEAK PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE by Junior Chamber Finland provided tools for managing pressure and stress, and developing performance levels to new heights. Practical methods for peak performance in business, sports, and private lives were covered. MIND GARDENING and DREAMS OR GOALS were offered by Junior Chamber Netherlands. Most of the time, dreams do not become reality—they stay dreams. Participants looked at their dreams and personal goals. They became aware of the obstacles preventing them from realizing their dreams. They learned how to make their dream “SMART," and ended the course with steps to make their dreams come true. Mind Gardening was an analogy on the difference in “gardens” relating to different "mind sets." By getting to know their own “gardens,” attendees learned how to “garden” their minds during this highly interactive seminar. THE WORLD TRADE GAME was also offered by Junior Chamber Netherlands. Players gained an overview of world trade and world economy through this interactive game, where poor and rich countries produce and consume goods while trying to fulfill their own consumer needs by meeting their targets. Teams had the use of raw materials, money, and skilled and unskilled labor. EXCELLENCE, A WAY OF LIFE, by Indian Junior Chamber offered interactive sessions and activities, teaching how to get noticed in this world, characterized by break-neck speed, and how to strive for customer delight instead of mere customer satisfaction FAST RELAXATION and PRESENTATION ENGINEERING were presented by Junior Chamber Austria. Participants learned how to design an outstanding presentation, how to grab the audience's full attention and keep it, how to evoke a learning atmosphere, and how to use body language. Fast Relaxation was a mental training session, including a morning pleasure session—30 minutes to start a perfect day and "time to go outside." SUCCESS IN THE AGE OF COMPETITIVENESS by Brazil Junior Chamber offered a theoretical-experimental approach to the main competencies that each individual may use to become highly competitive. It reviewed the five indispensable talents of a competitive professional and the three bases of the planned success. In HOW TO LOOK INTO THE FUTURE USING THE SCENARIO PLANNING METHOD by Junior Chamber Sweden, participants created possible future-scapes by using scenarios, defining trends, and driving forces to act on them as persons and organizations. Highly interactive, Scenario-Planning is a method to create a future we desire—a future-scape. Teams collaborated to conceptualize and visualize possible futures, based on current trends and forces. TOUCH MY WORLD by Junior Chamber Turkey was about "Networking" and how to promote JCI. The focus was on "our world" and "how to touch it." Members discovered the values, goals, and social roles of the participants to promote networking—at the professional and personal level—among Junior Chamber members, and to achieve membership growth and sustainable corporate partner relationships for LOMs and NOMs. YOUR INNER MOTIVATION by British Junior Chamber provided the chance for delegates to find out what drives themselves and others. They learned about their potential and how to make the most of it.
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