News — September 24, 2002

Meet JCI Vice President Lynn P. Larsen

We must believe in Junior Chamber, knowing that we are the organization of choice for young people all over the world. ?JCI Vice President Lynn P. Larsen Born September 29, 1965, in Cordele, Georgia, U.S.A., Lynn P. Larsen holds a Master of Education degree in Middle School Education, a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy, and an Associate of Science degree. She works as a regional coordinator of a youth science and technology center, and as a part-time science professor at a state university. She resides in DeSoto, Georgia, United States, with her husband George.
Eager to belong to a group of people endeavoring to serve their community, Lynn Larsen joined Junior Chamber in 1990. ?The Americus Junior Chamber, my chapter, had a strong community service background and I wanted to be involved,? she said. ?Little did I know then about all the other opportunities that would be available to me.? She participated in various local and national activities, serving as president of her chapter in 1993-94, as state president (Georgia) in 1998-99, and as national vice president in 2000. She has attended several JCI Area Conferences and two JCI World Congresses. During 2002, as JCI Vice President, she has been serving the national organization members of Belgium, BJC, Cyprus, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, and Turkey. Her goals in Junior Chamber Lynn Larsen had many goals when she first joined Junior Chamber, and she has already accomplished several of them, including her leadership development objective. Her main goal now is to help people learn about our great organization, mindful that its destiny is in our hands. ?We must believe in Junior Chamber, knowing that we are the organization of choice for young people all over the world. We must promote Junior Chamber to everyone we know?for we can, and will, make a difference within a person's lifetime.? How has she has benefited from Junior Chamber Vice President Larsen feels Junior Chamber has helped her develop her skills in many areas, including public speaking, parliamentary procedures, writing, and interviewing. ?Because of the skills gained in this organization, I have the opportunity to interact with different people all over the world,? she explained. Her advice to members aspiring to become JCI officers ?If you believe in yourself and your ability to lead others, you can become an officer,? she said. ?You must always be willing to listen and learn? Strive to do your best; strive to gain knowledge about all areas of the world, not just your own, and be the best you can be.?
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