News — October 31, 2002

Celebrating 50 Years?A Superb National Convention!

French Junior Chamber (JCEF) members had much to celebrate at their National Convention this year: a past to be proud of and a promising future. Under the theme "JCEF?Building Projects for Over 50 years," approximately 1,500 delegates from France and abroad gathered at the Futuroscope Park in Poitou-Charentes on October 24?26 for JCEF?s 48th National Convention. Chaired by National President Isabelle Gilles, this event was a success thanks to outstanding people such as Poitou-Charentes Federation President Thierry Fran?ois, Convention Organizing Committee (COC) Chairman Marc Lalot, and COC members.
Personalities in Attendance JCI President Salvi Batlle, France Prime Minister Jean Pierre Rafarrin, and Minister Renaud Dutreuil joined in the celebration. So did many foreign Junior Chamber officers, including Germany, Belgium, and Tunisia Junior Chamber Presidents. It was a ?warm, welcoming, friendly, dynamic and impacting? event, as COC Chairman Marc Lalot had predicted it would be. Interesting and Memorable Events Besides taking care of business and electing a new national team, delegates had the opportunity to attend 20 high-level business-training sessions, make contacts, and renew friendships. A Conference entitled "Companies creating long-lasting development?Do we dare to innovate?? was offered. National winners, including the Best Business Plan Competition and Outstanding Young People (TOYP) top contestants, were honored. Moreover, delegates celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the French Senate Association and enjoyed an unforgettable Gala Evening. International Children?s Day During the convention, members reveled in the successful outcome of the International Children?s Day project. More than ten years ago, the Champagne-Ardenne chapters in France launched an international project to persuade the United Nations to institute November 20 as ?International Children?s Day.? On July 10, 2002, the United Nations established November 20 as the official International Children?s Day. The Futuroscope Park After the convention, many delegates enjoyed the amazing attractions of the Futuroscope, a unique park built in the heart of France to bring together the very latest advances in giant-screen film, video and the Internet. They had the chance to watch 3D films on giant, flat, circular or spherical screens; new video techniques and virtual pictures; Kinemax films on a seven-stories high screen! Congratulations to French National President Isabelle Gilles, Poitou-Charentes Federation President Thierry Fran?ois, COC Chairman Marc Lalot and his Organizing Committee, and all French Junior Chamber members!
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