News — November 26, 2002

The World in Las Vegas

Trade Show Opens On Sunday, November 24, with the cutting of a huge red ribbon, the Viva Las Vegas Trade Show officially opened. Delegates and visitors now have the opportunity to travel the world without leaving Las Vegas by visiting exhibits about Junior Chamber programs and businesses from around the World. They are also learning about Junior Chamber programs in different areas.
The aromas of European coffee beckon visitors to the Trade Show, where they find tantalizing chocolates, and sights and sounds from every corner of the World. Trade Show exhibits include a Kenyan village hut and a French countryside marketplace, as well as a Gaud? exhibition. Junior Chamber Catalonia has 30 meters of incredible art and architecture featuring, among others, internationally renowned Catalonian architect, Antoni Gaud?. You won?t want to miss this famous exhibit that otherwise could only be seen in a museum! Business opportunities and products from the Asian and Pacific Rim are available and booths offering tourism locations and information from every continent await your discovery. This fantastic trade show is educating, entertaining, and motivating visitors to travel to far off places.
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