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Part 2 - MYE:Designing JCI’s New Millennium

Another important aspect that deserves our efforts and energy is the organization?s membership retention and growth situation. Further to the successful Membership Strategy Forum? I am pleased to report the wheel of change is already moving. ?JCI Pr
Another important aspect that deserves our efforts and energy is the organization?s membership retention and growth situation. Further to the successful Membership Strategy Forum? I am pleased to report the wheel of change is already moving. ?JCI President Georges A. Bouverat It?s about people. It?s about people. It?s about people. ?JCI Immediate Past President Karyn Bisdee quoting New Zealand?s Maoris to express the essence of Junior Chamber: relationships and people. Anheuser-Busch Barcelona Sponsorship Anheuser-Busch is continuing its strategic alliance with JCI as a sponsor of the Barcelona World Congress Presidential Gala. The company has been a long-time sponsor of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, providing financial support as well as sponsorship in kind. Active in more than 60 countries, Anheuser-Busch supported JCI in 1999 and 2000 by sponsoring the Congress Presidential Gala. In conjunction with the U.S. Junior Chamber, Anheuser-Busch has developed and supported several community-awareness programs, investing more than US$500 million to ensure their success. These programs?created with the help of authorities from fields ranging from abuse prevention to family counseling?are the cornerstone of Anheuser-Busch?s efforts to win the fight against alcohol abuse. 2001 Barcelona World Congress Congress Director Josep Montanes encouraged officers and members to book early, as it is very difficult to get accommodations in Barcelona. He indicated that, by booking early, delegates can find a wider and more affordable choice of hotels. Congress online registration is operational, and the Committee will email the Registration Form to all NOM presidents so they can send it to their chapters and members. The Committee will be also emailing short messages weekly with updates about the congress. The congress will offer top quality, professional training in JCI?s four official languages?English, Spanish, French and Japanese. The Organizing Committee will provide free metro tickets to delegates so they can have easy and quick access to the congress center from their hotels. The Barcelona World Congress registration fee is US$350 before September 15, and US$400 thereafter. World-famous speakers?such as President of the Olympic Committee J.A. Samaranch, a representative from Yahoo and notable athletes?have been invited to address delegates. In line with the SPC one-vision mandate, the Barcelona Congress theme will be the corporate slogan: Entrepreneurs in Action. The ambitious goal of the Barcelona Jaycees is to have the largest congress outside Japan, with 8,000 delegates. There will be special programs for spouses, children and Senators. A room in the headquarters hotel, Fira Palace (50m away from the Congress Center), costs approximately US$170 per night. To help delegates experience as much Barcelona nightlife as possible, national parties will be held in different areas of the city. Viva Las Vegas in 2002! There is building excitement for the 2002 Las Vegas World Congress. The Organizing Committee is expecting 6,000 delegates, of which 1,000 will be from United States. The dates of the Congress will be November 17?22, 2002. The five-star MGM Grand Hotel, the largest in the world, will be the headquarters and delegates? hotel. A city within a city, the hotel can host 33,000 guests when fully occupied. Additionally, it has its own 17,000-seat arena and enough meeting rooms for a JCI Congress. It is only three minutes from the international airport. An exceptionally low room rate of US$109 per night for double occupancy is being offered at the headquarters hotel. However, delegates will be offered alternative rates for as low as US$49 a night to more than US$300 for deluxe, ?high-roller,? accommodations. A Thanksgiving Dinner is planned for Thursday during the Congress. All delegates will be invited to celebrate this special U.S. holiday to give thanks, commemorating the founding Pilgrims? day of gratitude for a good harvest. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, with nonstop entertainment that makes it one of the world?s most exciting venues. The Organizing Committee will make every effort to ensure everyone understands that, during Congress, delegates can take care of business and enjoy Las Vegas? vast options of amusement and fun. The Congress registration fee will be US$350 before September 15, 2002, and US$400 thereafter. 2003 JCI Congress New Delhi, India, and Copenhagen, Denmark, will compete to host the 2003 JCI Congress. The winner will be selected at the Barcelona JCI Congress. 2002 JCI Conferences Venue Dates Conference Fees Area A Sousse, Tunisia May 29?June 1, 2002 US$150 Area B Sendai, Japan May 17?20, 2002 US$200 early; US$250 regular Area C Santo Domingo Dominican Republic April 29?May 4, 2002 US$400, 4-night complete package; US$670, 7 nights Area D Istanbul, Turkey June 12?16, 2002 $340 Euro The Area C Conference in Santo Domingo will be hosted at a resort offering an unbeatable four-night complete package to attract delegates. It will cover conference registration plus all meals, drinks, etc. A discounted package for seven nights, covering everything, is available for US$670. 2003 JCI Conferences Area A Benin or Gabon are possible sites Area B Cebu, Philippines Area C Edmonton, Canada Area D Birmingham, England Academies The African Academy will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, August 14?18, 2001. This Academy, hosted by Nairobi for the third time, is an important leadership development and training opportunity for Junior Chamber members in Africa. Its objectives are: ? To provide leadership training for future LOM, NOM and international leaders. ? To promote fellowship, peace and unity in Africa, through the Academy participants. ? To provide the forum for discussions of the problems facing African Junior Chambers. ? To promote multicultural diversity and understanding among Academy participants. All sessions will be conducted only in English. Participants must have been members of Junior Chamber for more than one calendar or fiscal year. Academy graduates must commit to serve their LOM/NOM upon graduation. Kenya Junior Chamber is assisting with airfare and travel expenses, as well as with the costs of hotel accommodations, registration and meals for the duration of the Academy program. The 14th JCI Japan Academy and Japan Junior Chamber?s Golden Anniversary will be held in Takamatsu and Osaka on October 5?12, 2001. N. Suzuki, 14th JCI Academy Chairman, reported that it is an honor for his team to host the Academy. October is the best month of the year in Takamatsu, known as a sunshine city. This year?s Academy will be special because Japan Junior Chamber will celebrate its 50th Anniversary during its national convention on October 11?14. The Academy organizers will do their best to make the 14th JCI Academy the best of the best, and to ensure all participants enjoy very special moments. The deadline for receipt of applications will be the end of August. A video on the Academy and the city of Takamatsu was shown. The Second Academy for the Americas will take place in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, August 17?19. Its theme will be Entrepreneurs in Action! During the first day, outside entrepreneurs will address the economy in the Americas, what entrepreneurs can do about it, and what to expect for the future. During the second day, the focus will be on the tools JCI offers to help entrepreneurs handle the challenges and opportunities they face. The Fifth European Academy will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, July 28?August 2. It will provide leadership and entrepreneurial training for future European LOM and NOM leaders. Its theme will follow JCI?s corporate slogan: Entrepreneurs in Action! Until last year, more than 400 members from all over Europe had attended the JCI European Academy. In 2001, more than 60 delegates are expected to meet in Gothenburg between July 28 and August 2. Volvo Car Corporation sponsored the Academy until last year. This year, Junior Chamber Sweden is proud to present a new partner for 2001, Svenskt N?ringsliv, a confederation of Swedish enterprises. JCI European Development Council The Executive Committee enthusiastically endorsed the new European Development Council. It has been created to be the coordination arm of the European National Presidents, positioning JCI as the best organization providing leadership and entrepreneurial development opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Europe and the world. Its goal is to increase growth and development in the area by coordinating training, networking and benchmarking Pan-European programs and projects. JCI Business Academy The JCI Business Academy (BA) is an exciting program designed to help Junior Chamber members and chapters develop their business management and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, and become Entrepreneurs in Action. To participate in this first JCI program administered entirely electronically over the Internet, members work through the five levels of certification by attending Business Academy training at Area conferences, JCI congresses, and NOM conventions (where available), and by completing other tasks and projects. Any member, regardless of previous business experience, can enroll in the Business Academy and learn valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. Members will receive credit for business and management experience they already possess. Business Academy training was offered for the first time at the 2000 Sapporo Congress. This year the program will be expanded to include materials and resources from partner organizations and institutions to ensure the Academy?s resources are the most current and relevant possible. The Barcelona Congress will include training courses that will count toward various levels of Business Academy certification. The JCI website will soon feature an online database of available courses, and members will be able to view their progress to date. Members who wish to submit a course for approval as a BA-designated course will soon be able to do so online. In the meantime, you can send it to the JCI Headquarters by other means. Members interested in enrolling simply need to visit the JCI website and enroll online at from the Business page of the Services section. Growth and Development Development grants were approved for more than US$41,000. These grants will help revive Ghana and Maroc Junior Chambers; or?ganize three International Training Schools in Africa; conduct PRIME for Area B; show what Junior Chamber is in Vietnam; host EXCEL in the Philippines; extend a LOM in southern Argentina; and reaffiliate 3,500 members in Quebec, Canada. They will also help promote growth and extension in Sri Lanka, Mexico, West Indies, BJC and Venezuela; conduct a Mediterranean Academy; consolidate growth of Junior Chamber Ireland; organize JCI leadership training programs and PRIME in Latvia and other Baltic NOMs; and increase membership in Norway via a PR marketing campaign to a book club. A grant, which would be paid from JCI?s rupee account, was also approved to promote growth and development in India. No grants were allocated to non-financial NOMs. There are growth stipulations attached to the grants, ensuring targets are met before payment is made. Canada?s Growth JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe congratulated Matt Hutcheon?Canada Jaycees Past President, 2001 Special Assistant to the President, Business Academy Chairman and ADC Treasurer?whose leadership and commitment had enabled him to lead his NOM to growth. JCI President Georges A. Bouverat added that projections indicated Canada would grow again this year, continuing the positive trend began by Hutcheon. New JCI Awards JCI Award proposals recommended for approval in Barcelona include: A new award proposed by the USJCI Senate for the most outstanding job promoting or living the JCI Creed. The USJCI Senate hopes the first judging and presentation will take place at the Las Vegas JCI Congress in November 2002 during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the JCI Senate. Another proposed award is for the best LOM project or program that promotes freedom and human rights. The winner will receive the Simon Bolivar?s medal (in honor of the Latin American liberator), sponsored by Junior Chamber Venezuela. Medical/Travel Insurance A proposal was approved to offer an optional medical and travel insurance to protect delegates attending JCI conferences and congresses. University GDS would offer coverage for medical expenses abroad due to illness or accident, lost or damaged luggage, luggage delay, accident insurance and civil liability. The Executive Committee also approved providing this insurance for JCI Officers. CD-ROM to Promote Growth A new JCI presentation was created in Flash to promote membership growth. It was distributed to NOMs at the Area conferences and will be posted on the JCI website for viewing online. JCI CD-ROM versions of the directory and administrative documents are available from the JCI Headquarters, and enhanced free copies were distributed at the JCI Area conferences. Headquarters Updates Leandro Agostini, Area C North Director, from Brasil has assumed in-house responsibility for the JCI website. Tommy Innoue will assist him. Agostini served as 2000 JCI Vice President and is the third past JCI officer to join the JCI Headquarters staff. He has strong background in computer science and hardware, which will enable him to direct JCI?s future technology development. Lillian Chien of Taiwan will join the JCI Headquarters as the new Foundation Coordinator when she secures a U.S. work visa. She will also develop Chinese-language products, services and web pages to encourage growth and development in the six Chinese-speaking NOMs and a possible extension into Mainland China. Tommy Inoue will also join the JCI Headquarters as the new Area B Director when he obtains a U.S. work visa. As a member of the Sapporo Congress administration, he has expertise in growth and development for Area B. He brings to the Headquarters a strong background in computer technology and especially software applications. After four years of excellent service as Area B Director, Seung-Hyun Son is concluding his tenure with JCI. To be continued? For highlights of the 2001 Membership Strategy Forum, come back next week to
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