News — June 12, 2017

Mississauga Youth Anthology: Sparking Conversation Through Art

Looking to bring awareness of how young people can address global development, Ink Movement Mississauga—a youth led nonprofit encouraging creative expression and empowering emerging artists—themed Mississauga Youth Anthology, Volume V, around the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 


As an organization dedicated to giving youth a voice through art, Ink Movement’s annual anthology will feature mediums such as photography, painting, poetry and writing to illustrate their community’s development by identifying and depicting current issues and possible solutions. The featured pieces were produced by passionate individuals who were able conceptualize their experiences into powerful messages to empower others to take action for a cause. Nearly 60 submissions were received for use in the publication, which will be published later this year. 


Through the publication, Ink Movement Mississauga hopes to give youth a platform where they can openly express what they would like to see improved in the community, as well as reflect on past experiences in order to inspire sustainable actions of others.  


Ink Movement Mississauga has furthered their impact by developing more activities throughout the school year to build on the interest and engagement of the Global Goals amongst university students. In November of 2016, they held a DIY Workshop focused on Global Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and in March of 2017 they held a Youth Poetry Slam in which young people focused on issues such as gender equality, clean water and poverty as well as shared their own personal experiences and emotions surrounding these critical global issues. 


The Art Gallery of Mississauga will provide the venue for the official anthology launch where exhibitions will be displayed surrounding various topics including cultural heritage, first nations rights and several other topics related to change being created through the arts. 


Visit to learn more about the Global Youth Empowerment Fund and how you can invest in grassroots, community projects, which aim to provide sustainable solutions to local challenges. 


You too can make a difference by investing in young active citizens to change the world. Contribute today to the Global Youth Empowerment Fund.

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