News — June 23, 2017

Sustainable Growth in a Changing World: The Inclusion of the Business Sector

By: Molly Eime, JCI Communications Coordinator 

As youth seek to find sustainable solutions to the greatest challenges in their communities, it is imperative that all sectors of society be engaged. As laid out in the JCI Active Citizen Framework, building partnerships across all sectors have the potential to amplify the impact we create around the globe. 

In Europe specifically, we have seen a growing need for the inclusion of businesses in sustainable development. As JCI seeks to engage this specific audience, the 2017 JCI European Economic Experts Forum provided the ideal platform to unite business leaders for the development of sustainable growth in a rapidly changing world. 

The forum was multi-faceted, including a panel discussion on sustainability as a business opportunity as well as keynotes on good governance, the business of renewable energies and the role of the United Nations. The forum was held at the 2017 JCI European Conference, which took place 24–27 May in Basel, Switzerland, uniting 1447 delegates from 50 countries to advance the JCI Mission, celebrate the impact created throughout the region and develop the skills needed to be an active citizen in today’s world.

As JCI members continue to seek innovative solutions to the problems facing their communities, this forum gave them the unique opportunity to engage in conversations with key business experts from several fields to discuss possible resolutions for their communities and receive best practices for forming their own solutions.  

Through this exchange, JCI served as a hub where key partners and stakeholders were able to connect with young active citizens who create a sustainable impact on the grassroots level. This exchange involved heavy discussions that worked to not only advance this multi-sector relationship but also the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The forum tackled the Global Goals related to sustainability, partnerships, economic growth, education, energy and peace—all of which are pressing issues in Europe. 

A fundamental keynote was given by the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva Michael Møller, who spoke on the role of youth and business in tackling global challenges, while the panel discussed sustainability as a business opportunity with representatives from the Global Compact Network Switzerland, VillageOffice and the Basel Chamber of Commerce. 

The content and speakers proved invaluable to the forum, which resulted in a comprehensive overview of sustainable growth for a better world and an intense exchange between the business sector and young active citizens all across Europe. 

As JCI continues to expand its reach and embrace innovative ways of engaging all sectors, it is becoming more prevalent that when businesses embrace opportunities for good as well as harness the power and energy of youth, the ideas and change that can be created is revolutionary.  

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