News — June 30, 2017

JCI Hong Kong Members Run for a Result

As a means to raise awareness of ethnic minorities and refugees in Hong Kong and the difficulties they face, JCI Dragon and JCI City Lady of JCI Hong Kong initiated the project “Run for Peace.” 


Through the event, which took place at Taipo Waterfront Park in April of this year, JCI members worked to increase understanding and cultural diversity through collaboration with several key stakeholders and guest speaker organizations including Christian Action, Equal Opportunity Commission, HKCSS, HK Baptist University, the Education University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute. Through these partnerships, they were able to amplify the promotion and message of the run and receive media coverage from more than five major newspapers and digital media networks. 


Co-organized by UNESCO Hong Kong and Hong Kong Worldwide Chinese Sport Promotion Association, the event saw a turnout of more than 400 runners and 50 volunteers from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and age demographics. The run featured several participant categories and awards including different classes for individual runners and groups.  


Due to the many stakeholders involved in the success of the event and its promotion to the community, JCI not only created a more peaceful coexistence but also was successful in involving and energizing all sectors to create a more harmonious society throughout Hong Kong. 


Whether it is through starting a new local project in your community, sharing JCI’s history and vision of peace or encouraging like-minded organizations to connect to the movement, we must mobilize young people to join in on the conversation and advocate for peace in their communities today. 


Begin your actions and advocacy efforts for 2017 by downloading the Peace is Possible toolkit and variety of other resources at


Furthermore, advance your skill sets on creating awareness, taking action and advocating for peace at the International Summit on Peace this September in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia! Register today!


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