News — July 21, 2017

Pathways to Peace: Conflict in Syria by Scottish Centre for International Strategic Affairs (SCISA)

In order to discuss and address the internal dynamics of the Syrian conflict, UN House of Scotland held the Conflict in Syria seminar, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. This seminar was the third seminar in the SCISA “Pathways to Peace” series, which aims to unite people who would not ordinarily meet to facilitate discussion and debate, leading to possibilities for peaceful advancement.

The themes of the seminar included the internal dynamics of the Syrian conflict, Syrian refugee experiences and rebuilding the infrastructure across Syria. It provided clarification on the complexity of the Syrian conflict and looked to address the challenges surrounding peaceful resolution. The main goal of the event was to bring together individuals who would not ordinarily meet in order to have a thorough discussion and debate on possibilities for peaceful conflict resolution and how it can be advanced.

Aware that conversations themselves, in themselves, do not make peace, the organizers and participants of the SCISA seminars shared a strong belief that dialog is one of the many pathways to peaceful conflict resolution. The seminar invited several experts, humanitarian practitioners and community stakeholders working with Syrian refugees to share their expertise and experiences as well as their understandings of the conflict.

A detailed report was created from the input and conclusions of the 35 experts and stakeholders and since then, the participants have been able to use this report to inform their own networks on the issues discussed and pathways to peace. Holding this seminar furthered the work of UN House Scotland in building discussion, collaboration and outreach to find peaceful solutions for the challenges in our world.

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