News — August 23, 2017

JCI Brazil: Gaming for Peace

As community advocates for peace and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, JCI Brazil members found themselves facing difficulties engaging the community and partners on the topic of peace. Coming from a country with minimal resources, they found that individuals were more so drawn to the topics of personal and economic development and achievement.

Realizing the importance of peace in Brazil and around the world and looking for a new approach to reach more individuals in the community, JCI Brazil determined that a digital approach, specifically gamification—the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity—was the best option to engage their target audience to become active peacemakers.                 

The Peace is Possible game consists of a fun and simple platform with the purpose of sharing the concept of global peace by teaching players about peace and its barriers and allowing players to commit to the campaign and share with their friends and online network. In order to excel in the game, players must make decisions as peacemakers to reach more and more people and engage stakeholders for a better more peaceful tomorrow.

The game has been developed in English, Spanish and Portuguese with the possibility of expanding to Japanese and French.

The Peace is Possible game is set to launch nationally on 2 September at the Brazil Partnership Summit and internationally during the Peace Project Showcase during the International Summit on Peace 6–8 September 2017.

Whether it is through starting a new local project in your community, sharing JCI’s history and vision of peace or encouraging like-minded organizations to connect to the movement, we must activate young people to join in on the conversation and advocate for peace in their communities today.

Begin your actions and advocacy efforts for 2017 by downloading the Peace is Possible toolkit and variety of other resources at

Furthermore, advance your skill sets on creating awareness, taking action and advocating for peace at the International Summit on Peace this September in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia! Register today!

Does your organization have a story of impact? Use the JCI Project Gallery to share your journey to impact with members around the world!

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