News — January 02, 2018

New Years Resolution

JCI Nilom Family,


Every New Year Brings Fresh Beginnings filled with Ambitions that lead to New Hope, New Spirit, New Opportunities And Also New Aspirations. May This Year Be The Year Where We Start Building Our Foundation For Every Other Year to Come. Remember That: The Best Is Yet To Come!

I would like to take a minute in the beginning of my board year as Local President to thank everybody for their support and trust which you have bestowed upon me for leading this beautiful organization in 2018.

This year will be a year where we start putting the focus back in our members and start facilitating them on their ambition(s). It will be a year where our members can put their ambition(s) to good use. We all know already that not everybody joins this organization with the same goals and that members are leaving because they feel like their inner thirst is not being quenched enough. My board and I will start quenching that thirst we will leave no man behind and will make sure that all the structures and guidelines of this organization are applied correctly at all times.


Alone I can make progress, with my board I will be able to succeed but together there will be no limitations to what we can reach. That’s why I call upon all fellows to give your strength and support on all projects and events that we will carry out in 2018 so that we can create the positive impact as proposed or even greater. For our fellows we’re going to reinstate the guidance as included in our ABC traject and we’ll provide training courses in accordance with our Needs Analysis. This will empower our fellows to be evenmore bigger leaders in their community. Our theme for this year is Creating Opportunities For Every Ambition and this we want to reach through motivational sessions, training for our fellows as stated above and the projects we’ll implement.

I would like to give a special thanks to all past presidents because all their actions have shaped this organization to what it is now.

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year filled with love, peace and happiness!!!

No dream is to small or big, Let’s start shaping our future as we envisioned it.

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