News — January 02, 2018

New Years message from National President Gisèle Tjon Kie Sim

Dear JCI Suriname Family,

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy and above
all a Peaceful New Year, a year full of love, happiness, health,
success & peace in all that you will undertake.

Every year there are new challenges to face and
I am positive that together and with the right mindset
we will achieve them. As you already know our biggest
focus in 2018 will be around Peace.

We will take action by creating peace awareness, talk
about love, solidarity, acceptation, living in unity
with each other and fostering the greater good.
Everything that we will do in 2018 shall revolve
around Peace is Possible.
To create the change we JCI’ers want, you have to
live in Peace with yourself, learn to accept
and live with others that may seem different than you
and work hard for the greater good.

Peace begins with us by creating peace
in our own hearts.

I am convinced that 2018 will be a good year
because your contribution shall be phenomenal.

JCI Suriname will commit to peace in 2018 because
Change begins with Peace!

Gisèle Tjon Kie Sim - 2018 National President

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