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Impact Update: 2017 Global Youth Empowerment Fund Grantees

At the 2017 JCI Global Partnership Summit that took place last August, five grantees were selected to receive funding for their youth-led grassroots projects through the Global Youth Empowerment Fund; this was the second round of grantees to receive funding through this initiative. Since then, the five 2017 grantees have taken inspiring steps toward advancing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in their communities over the past year. As we approach the Fund’s third year, learn more about the impact the 2017 grantees have been making in their communities around the world, and how you can help further this impact.

Health is Wealth by Civilian Welfare Foundation

Health is Wealth is a project created by the Civilian Welfare Foundation in India, which aims to both improve the transgender population’s access to basic healthcare and reduce discrimination against this group. Since receiving funding, their actions include creating various workshops and trainings to help sensitize medical professionals about the conditions transgender people face when trying to access healthcare, as well as collecting thirteen hours of raw footage documenting the first-hand difficulties that the transgender population experiences when trying to gain access to basic healthcare. The next steps for this group include developing an hour and fifteen-minute documentary that presents their data findings and first-hand accounts to give a voice to the transgender population in India.

Food for All Africa Programme by Food 4 All Africa

Food for All Africa is a project that takes a community-based approach to address the challenges of food waste and hunger in Ghana. To tackle this challenge, they first created a mobile and web-based application that connects farmers, distributors and like-minded civil society organizations to supply and redistribute food to impoverished children. Since November 2017, this organization has distributed US $30,000 worth of food reaching more than 12,000 individuals. In December of 2017, the Food Support Center in Teshie, Ghana opened, serving 208 food packages to elderly women and widows within their community. They are also working closely with the Government of Ghana to implement a tax-exemption for organizations that donate and redistribute food through Food for All Africa. Due to the project’s success, the founder and CEO, Chef Elijah Amoo Addo, has been recognized as one of the 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians in 2017, one of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans in Africa and was recognized by the Queen of England for his efforts toward ending hunger and poverty.

AsyLove by JCI Zagreb

AsyLove is a project started by JCI Zagreb of JCI Croatia to both combat the inequalities refugees and asylum seekers face throughout Zagreb and empower their social and economic inclusion. To better understand this marginalized group’s challenges and needs, they first conducted interviews to help raise community awareness and gain knowledge on how to provide sustainable solutions. Since then, they have organized an event each month where refugees and asylum seekers can gather to bowl, hike or participate in workshops together. Since this project’s launch, 125 refugees and asylum seekers have taken part in these activities helping create a community and safe space for these individuals. 

Summer Camp by MUJHU Young Generation Alive (YGA)

The Summer Camp for HIV Infected Adolescents and Youth is a project developed by MUJHU Young Generation Alive (YGA) that seeks to support Ugandans affected by HIV/AIDS. With its funding, MUJHU YGA led a 3-day summer camp on 12–15 December 2017 at Kavumba recreation center in Wakiso district where different sessions, activities and games were conducted for 36 young campers who are living with HIV/AIDS. The main goal of the summer camp was to use team building activities and workshops to help educate and counsel these campers on how to positively live with their disease. Through this initiative, they also trained and provided professional guidance to the campers and their peers, educating them on how to use the proper medications and prevent transmission. Although the summer camp is over, their next step is to conduct a follow-up to analyze the remission rates of these campers.

Young Women for Good Governance by Impart Change

Young Women for Good Governance: A Prerequisite for Sustainable Peace in Local Communities is an initiative started by Impart Change. After conducting a community-based survey, Impart Change found that 85% of the respondents shared a belief that young women needed to play a more active role in promoting human rights, social development issues and good governance to create a more peaceful community. With the grant, they have conducted community trainings and workshops throughout the last two months reaching 25 young women. The trainings educated participants on Kenya’s constitution along with issues within the constitution that affect women and their rights. In February and March, they plan to hold two larger comprehensive trainings targeting 30 to 40 young women and will also conduct field visits through the Ministry of Public Service as well as the US Embassy. 

Are you creating similar positive change in your community? Are you a youth-led organization advancing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through a grassroots project?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, applications for the 2018 Global Youth Empowerment Fund are now open. Learn more about the fund requirements or apply today! Stay up to date on stories of impact or deadlines by following the Fund on Facebook and Twitter

Also, we couldn’t further this initiative without the tremendous support from our friends at Admicom Systems B.V., Brand South Africa, kountable, Inc., Green Delta Insurance and with the help of many generous individuals. For more information on the Global Youth Empowerment Fund, including how to contribute, please visit

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