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Accelerating Transformation into JCI’s Next Phase of Impact

The world is changing fast. Are we keeping up?

Over the past 10 years, JCI has laid a strong foundation for youth-led community transformation. We’re clear on who we are as an organization and our theory of change.

Now, as the world speeds toward the future, JCI too must accelerate our own transformation so that we can accelerate the change we create.

Every five years, JCI convenes a group of members from across the globe to lead the process of determining JCI’s strategy for the next five years.

A strategic plan is less a roadmap and more a compass, guiding the organization into the future and ensuring our continued impact.

The JCI Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process started in 2017 with strategic planning forums at the Area Conferences, engaging vital stakeholders in the process from the very beginning.

Participants shared their perspective on the current state of the organization, and for those who could not attend these forums, National Organizations were encouraged to hold similar forums at the national level and submit the outcomes for consideration in the strategic planning process.

To maximize stakeholder feedback, a member survey was developed to evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing the organization today and into the next five years. Additionally, members shared their priority goals for the organization in the future. The survey was shared in nine languages with tens of thousands of current and past JCI members via email, social media and personal sharing.

The Strategic Planning Retreat

Earlier this year, the JCI World Headquarters team along with a team of professional consultants, prepared for the Strategic Planning Committee retreat in February.

In preparation for a working retreat to draft the next strategic plan, the 2018 JCI Strategic Planning Committee reviewed in depth the outcomes of the forums and survey and much more to prepare them for this great task.

The committee analyzed JCI membership statistics and trends as well as a report on the 2014–2018 JCI Strategic Plan implementation and outcomes of the forums and survey. The committee reviewed a variety of research, articles and videos on topics such as millennial engagement, innovation and citizen engagement. Furthermore, along with the JCI World Headquarters team, the committee read and discussed Forces for Good by Heather McLeod Grant and Leslie R. Crutchfield, focused on high-impact nonprofits and what differentiates them.

This entire process of preparation, forums, surveys and analysis culminated in a four-day retreat in St. Louis, USA, the home of the JCI Movement. The 12 committee members led by Chairperson and JCI Immediate Past President Dawn Hetzel united with a team from JCI World Headquarters, as well as the 2013 Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs and JCI Past Presidents Kentaro Harada and Bertolt Daems.

Thinking, discussing, interacting, writing and evaluating, the Committee took all the feedback and research to draft the 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan.

During this dynamic week, the committee reflected on how the 2008 Strategic Planning Committee set a foundation for unity under a new Mission and Vision for the organization. They realized that the current 2014–2018 JCI Strategic Plan catalyzed the organization to shift toward creating impact by laying out our long-term strategy to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact by 2030. With this in mind, the team decided now is the time to accelerate our actions and invest in becoming a flexible organization that can easily adapt in our rapidly changing world.

The Draft Strategic Plan

More than ever, JCI must adapt to the needs of young people and create momentum to stay relevant and impactful in our changing world. To be the organization that is home to young changemakers who accelerate transformation within JCI, their communities and our world, every JCI stakeholder must align their actions to the five strategies outlined in the draft 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan:

  • IMPACT: JCI will focus the power of young people to advance sustainable impact.
  • MOTIVATE: JCI will unite the passion of young people to motivate bold action.
  • INVEST: JCI will accelerate transformation by investing in technological, financial and human resources.
  • COLLABORATE: JCI will foster a collaborative culture in a dynamic world.
  • CONNECT: JCI will connect young people to drive the world in a positive direction.

Before sharing the full draft plan, the next step is for stakeholders to give their feedback on these five strategies, as well as the key initiatives that will support their achievement.

With that feedback, the final draft plan will be shared prior to JCI Area Conferences, where committee members will lead strategic plan workshops to discuss the draft plan in more detail.

The Strategic Plan will officially launch at the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India, where the General Assembly vote on its adoption and the task of implementing this plan will begin. Be sure to attend these exciting events and learn more about how you can play a vital role in JCI’s future.

Share your feedback on the draft strategies and initiatives now! The deadline to submit your feedback is 18 April.

To learn more about the plan, register now for the 2018 JCI Area Conferences in Cotonou, Benin, Kagoshima, Japan, Miami, USA and Riga, Latvia.

Start making your travel plans and register for the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India. 

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