News — April 27, 2018

Korean War Ends Proving Peace is Possible

“There sun will first shine on those who are standing.” This African proverb is how I started my address during the International Summit on Peace held last September in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. At that time the world was at the brink of a nuclear confrontation between North Korea and the United States. This proverb expresses that throughout history peace has only flourished when mankind—the people, our communities and each country—makes a conscious effort to set aside our differences and past conflicts to achieve global peace. Peace is truly possible when we work for it.

Today we woke up to a more peaceful world. After nearly 70 years of conflict, North and South Korea have agreed to remove all nuclear weapons and negotiate a peace treaty! Today we are seeing that peace is possible if we make the choice that a present and future harmonious world is more important than past conflicts. This summit between North and South Korea exemplifies the Peace is Possible campaign’s philosophy.

In 2016, JCI adopted the Peace is Possible campaign with the goal of celebrating a day like today, but also to cultivate the notion that a peaceful future can be cultivated when each person on the planet makes peaceful choices each day. We know that this movement must be led by young people. 

While our commitment to peace has been reaffirmed this morning, peace cannot be achieved by one individual, one organization or one country. It takes a new generation, it takes our communities and it takes every nation in the world to commit to peace—to believe that peace is possible and to act on that notion.

I urge you to commit to peace and actively build a peaceful future. Learn more about the Peace is Possible Campaign and download the Peace is Possible toolkit and a variety of other tools to start taking action and advocating for a peaceful world.

-JCI Secretary General, Arrey Obenson

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