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JCI Travel Guide: 2018 JCI Area Conferences

Area Conference season is just around the corner! Now is the time to connect with fellow JCI members in your region in preparation for an unforgettable conference experience. As you prepare for one of the four 2018 JCI Area Conferences, we want to help you plan ahead for your upcoming trip, so you can take advantage of everything the host cities and events have to offer. 

Get ready for new adventures as you explore the four host cities while sharing best practices and inspiring each other to go beyond conversations and take action to help build a better future together. Here’s a preview of what enlightening conference activities and city entertainment you can look forward to this season!

Africa and the Middle East Conference in Cotonou, Benin on 9–12 May

Although Cotonou is not the capital of Benin, it is the nation’s economic and population center. You may hear locals refer to Cotonou as Benin’s functional capital because it attracts various government institutions, embassies and visitors including JCI members. Cotonou will give conference participants the perfect mix of business and leisure,as they learn how to best utilize JCI’s variety of resources to leverage the change we want to see in our communities through the lens of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development across Africa and the Middle East.

The conference theme, Promoting the Global Goals Through Active Citizenship, encourages delegates to accept their responsibility to better prepare for an uncertain future by becoming active citizens. We’ll also be exploring the newly launched I Am Africa campaign. This campaign will empower the next generation of young active citizens and build an engaged citizenry invested in Africa’s development and future. Get ready to cap this conference off with an I Am Africa Concert with impactful artists who are known for spreading messages of peace and freedom.

Other exciting events this conference has to offer is the Strategic Plann Workshop, World Cleanup Day Workshop and Impact Talks featuring former JCI Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents from both regions.

The best part about JCI Events is the countless opportunities to learn from and network with our incredible partners! At this year’s JCIAfrica and the Middle East AreaConference we’ll be partnering with the Ministry of External Relationsof the Republic of Benin, Rwandair, South African Airlines, KINI KINI, Golden Tulip, Benin Marina Hotel, Educ'Action and Aprovie NGO.

Asia-Pacific Conference in Kagoshima, Japan on 24–27 May

Hosted in Kagoshima, the capital of the Kagoshima Prefecture, this Area Conference location features the core of government, economics and Japanese culture. From the palm tree lined streets to the world’s most active volcano, Sakurajima—the symbol of this city—the precious nature of Kagoshima will be a tropical getaway for conference delegates. The Asia-Pacific Conference is the largest of all the Area Conferences in terms of delegates and countries represented, which means there will be countless opportunities for connecting and meeting extraordinary people. Attending this conference will give you an experience to network with people from around the world.

At a time in the world when uncertainty and rapid change can bring about conflict, the 2018 Asia-Pacific Area Conference theme—Moving Forward Boldly—motivates each of us to create the future of the Asia-Pacific region we want and activate a democratic social change movement. Participants can create new collaborations with like-minded citizens and potential partners, while gaining energy from the majestic nature of this region. Delegates will leave Kagoshima with a renewed spirit, ready to take actions and ensure a permanent and everlasting world peace.

We cannot move forward boldly, creating a peaceful world with a filthy and unhealthy planet. We’ll be exploring World Cleanup Day, which is an opportunity for each young person to stand up against the global trash problem and clean up their communities, producing the biggest positive civic action the world has ever seen. Individuals from more than 150 countries will come together to create a clean and healthy planet. Conference delegates will learn how to use the World Cleanup Day app and create waste maps in their community in preparation for the big day on 15 September during the World Cleanup Day Workshop.

Conference of the Americas in Miami, USA on 6–9 June 

Miami is a beautiful oceanfront city in the southeastern region of Florida, USA. Miami is considered a major tourism hub for international visitors, ranking number two in the county after New York City. The diverse culture and atmosphere of Miami is the ideal Conference of the Americas location for JCI members to explore the root causes of our communities’ greatest challenges in order to provide sustainable solutions that create real lasting change. 

The conference theme, One Resilient Future, will focus on our responsibility to better prepare ourselves and our communities for the future. We’ll take steps toward one resilient future by experiencing new and exciting programs this year like two community town hall meetings on resilience, the Strategic Planning Workshop and the World Cleanup Day Workshop. 

The community town hall meetings will be two panels with town hall discussions bringing together leaders, activists and organizations to explore how organizations build resilience and how to engage citizens in building a resilient future. These sessions will feature several tools that offer opportunities for young people to engage with resiliency issues in their home countries and communities regarding climate-related disasters and challenges to sustainability. Also, thanks to our dear friend, Matt Chastain, JCI members were challenged to make a rap collaboration video based on our rendition of Welcome to Miami for this year's Conference of the Americas. Check out the JCI Area Conference of The Americas theme song here!

European Conference in Riga, Latvia on 19–22 June 

Riga is the capital of Latvia and known to have an enchanting experience for everyone! A visit to Riga offers an in depth look into one of the cultural capital of the Baltics. This scenic city offers architecture that is more than 800 years old, an exciting gastronomic journey and a perfect mix of opportunities for company visits or leisurely touring.

Each step you take in Riga will be a meaningful step that could bring you closer to rewarding and head dazzling peaks of success. The 2018 JCI European Conference is celebrating 100 years of Latvia and 25 years of JCI Latvia by taking a step into the future to achieve success with this year’s conference theme, One Step to Success. Success also means many things, including fulfilling the JCI Mission and preparing JCI for the future with a new Strategic Plan. Conference delegates will get to know the draft of the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan during the Strategic Planning Workshop. We’ll explore the deeper understanding of the strategic planning process and discuss key strategies that accelerate our transformation into the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

The Social Entrepreneurship Challengewill offer an exciting competition among young leaders who will pitch their innovative social enterprises, as well as theWorld Cleanup Day Workshop and the LIAA Business Program, hosted by this year’s conference partner, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. We’ll be celebrating a successful conference and the shortest day of the year during the Latvian Summer Solstice where festival goers sing, dance and eat just as their ancestors did centuries ago. You won’t want to miss this memorable experience!

Register now for 2018 JCI Area Conferences today. Don’t forget to submit your JCI Awards entries for JCI Area Conferences. 

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