News — July 01, 2018

JCI SURINAME wins award for “Best National Growth and Development Program”

The theme of the JCI Suriname Leadership Academy 2017 was:

Build together, create leaders ... Inspire!

The goal was to teach young potential leaders how to deal with challenges that they encounter in their working environment. This mainly concerns motivation, cooperation and empowerment, which allows them to become more confident, visionary and transparent leaders. The SLA (short for Suriname Leadership Academy) committee visualized an event, a very energetic experience and at the same time provided practical and balanced information to stimulate self-development and critical, analytical and creative thinking.

The JCI Suriname Leadership Academy 2017 was a two-day event in which students, starters and (late) highflyers (people with ambition later in life) were presented with tools for critical leadership in the 21st century.

The SLA participants could not only be more effective leaders, but they could also become more responsible members and role models of and for society. They were given tools to work effectively as a team. It is the intention of JCI Suriname to make SLA an annual part of its program.

More than 70 people took part in the JCI Suriname Leadership Academy 2017. The participants consisted of students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and employees who were delegated by their employers.

The local chamber JCI SYMA was allowed to carry out this project on behalf of JCI Suriname from 2015 onwards.

This year the 2017 Suriname Leadership Academy project was presented for an award at the JCI International. The National President of JCI Suriname, Gisele Tjon Kie Sim, had the honor to receive the award in Miami during the Award ceremony of the Conference of the Americas. It is the intention of JCI Suriname to make SLA an annual part of its program.

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