News — July 01, 2018

Act Smart Empower Yourself (ASEY) is the training program that JCI SYMA has successfully completed.

The first part of the project was held on May 19, 2018, during which the trainings 'Public Speaking' and 'Effective Leadership' were provided. On 26 May, this project was continued with the training sessions 'Self-awareness through Emotional Intelligence' and 'Getting stuff done' (Personal Development). This training program was concluded on 2 June 2018 with the Entrepreneurship training.

The purpose of this training program has been to give the members and young people outside the organization the opportunity to develop the leadership qualities necessary to promote young entrepreneurship.

The objectives of this project were to: 

  • Promote young entrepreneurship

  • Stimulate new entrepreneurs

  • Develop the skills of entrepreneurs
  • Build the leadership skills of young people 
  • Stimulate public speaking 
  • Create more self-awareness about Emotional Intelligence as a leader 
  • Improve personal efficiency and productivity

  • Create more awareness about JCI SYMA

Based on the course of the event, we can indicate that the lessons that JCI SYMA takes with you are as follows:
• The payment for the training must be paid within 3 days after registration and confirmation;
• Training-friendly rooms must be rented with all necessary training equipment;
• promote the strengthening of internal cooperation within the committee;
• Consult with the board before confirming a final decision
Interim evaluation during the execution of the assignments of the committee members.
We can conclude that the JCI SYMA Act Smart Empower Yourself 2018 has been a success again, thanks to the efforts of the committee members, the board, all donations / sponsors, the trainers and of course the participants and participants. We can look back on a successful, educational and impactful project. We are convinced that the training has contributed to leadership, entrepreneurial skills and personal development of each participant.

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