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Global Youth Empowerment Fund Grantees Selected during the 2018 JCI Global Partnership Summit


24 July 2018, New York CityThe Global Youth Empowerment Fund Board of Trustees has selected five grantees to will receive funding for their grassroots projects advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Fund’s third year of grant funding.

The Global Youth Empowerment Fund is a partnership between JCI and the UN SDG Action Campaign that offers grants and financing to youth-led projects and social enterprises that advance the SDGs in local communities all around the world.

The five grantees are TAO-Pilipinas, Inc., Yuwalaya, NGO Fulcrum UA, Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG and YIDA: A Youth Initiative for the Development in Africa.

The TAO-Pilipinas, Inc. team will conduct a project in Quezon City, Philippines called CO DESIGN–a project to pilot retrofitting measures for existing shelter houses that will engage youth volunteers from surrounding technical schools who are enrolled in architecture and civil engineering programs. Retrofitting these homes will reduce the vulnerability of natural disasters and hazards such as liquefaction, ground subsidence and differential settlement. From the assessments made of these houses, TAO-Pilipinas will work with local governments to advise on building policies that focus on sustainability in the face of natural disasters.

Yuwalaya, from Lalitpur, Nepal, has developed an extensive study of 30 high schools that revealed the depth of dating violence. Respondents reported being criticized, insulted, yelled at, being forced to perform sexual acts and/or pressured into having sex. To combat violence experienced in adolescent relationships, Yuwalaya has developed the We for Change project. This project offers 900 Nepalese adolescents the opportunity to go through an orientation to better understand gender equality, learn self-defense skills and explore how to eliminate violence women and girls experience in a dating relationship.

In Ukraine, there is a high proportion of young people, especially youth from minority groups, that suffer from unemployment as well as struggle to have workers’ rights and equality. In the face of these challenges, NGO Fulcrom UA will take comprehensive measures to empower young people by giving them relevant skills and knowledge. They aim to ensure that young people find success when applying for jobs by marketing themselves well using the skills acquired during educational workshops, as well as relevant knowledge about issues of work discrimination, promoting equal employment.

Compartiendo Nuestras Bendiciones ONG created the K’aslem Ya’ project, which means the Water of Life project, after one of the two main sources for water in the hamlet of Panimaquin, Guatemala completely dried up. Consequently, local homes can now only gain access to water from rainfall; during the rainy season it rains once a week for approximately two hours and during the dry season only once every 20 days. The K’aslem Ya’ project will address water scarcity in Panimaquin by building a rain water harvesting systems for homes that will also include the planting of 100+ trees to combat recent deforestation from the water scarcity. Through these efforts, families will be able to store water during the rainy season and be able to build a more resilient hamlet.

Kyaka II is a refugee settlement in Uganda of nearly 45,000 individuals who have fled political unrest and conflict of neighboring countries and are seeking a safe haven. Children have limited access to educational opportunities in this settlement, so through the efforts of YIDA, three classrooms will be built to educate the children in the settlement. Teachers will be recruited to educate nearly 500 students at no cost and to increase the school’s sustainability by creating a community garden to grow maize and beans for student meals. While these children and their families have fled from terror, YIDA aims to provide them the opportunity to learn and explore their potential at Kyaka II.

These five projects were selected from the hundreds that were submitted during the application round in April. The Fund’s Board of Trustees made their final decisions this morning during the 2018 JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York City.

"We're thrilled to award funding to these five projects, which each address a pressing need while furthering the SDGs. We're honored to play a part in these solutions and look forward to seeing these young people become leaders in their communities." — Anthony Parkes, Chairman of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund and Director of ICC World Chambers Federation.

The official announcement for the 2018–2019 Global Youth Empowerment Fund Grantees is being made during the Opening Keynote for the JCI Global Partnership Summit. You can watch the announcement on the Global Youth Empowerment Fund Facebook page.

The Global Youth Empowerment Fund would like to thank all of our generous donors. For more information on the Global Youth Empowerment Fund please visit

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