News — February 28, 2019

Facilitator Course Update: Delivering With Wow

In response to an idea presented about developing a course to improve members’ ability to share the JCI message, a new Facilitator course has recently been launched for JCI active members to take.

This course creates a unique learning experience where participants explore progressive facilitation models. Participants learn the necessary techniques for effectively sharing the JCI message and managing discussions within their local communities, how to effectively work with stakeholders, as well as accurately transfer knowledge to advance sustainable development.

The content of this course was developed using the “Delivering With Wow” techniques from Dale Carnegie, which offer transformational tools that trigger emotion and shift participants’ thinking. With these techniques, participants learn how to deliver an engaging performance that empowers and strengthens members and their organizations to continue making impact in the communities they serve.

To better achieve the JCI Mission, the 2019 JCI Executive Committee approved amendments to the Skills Development Policy Manual, and effective immediately, the Facilitator course is categorized as a JCI Recommended Course. This means that it is recommended for members to take to expand their skills as active citizens, but it is not required for a JCI member to graduate from this course in order to facilitate other Official and Recommended Courses.

Based on the criteria outlined in the Skills Development Policy Manual for JCI Recommended Courses—both JCI National and Local Presidents, as well as Skills Development Officers can organize this course through the JCI website. Facilitating a JCI Recommended Course remains an option for JCI active members.

Any JCI active member who has graduated from JCI Impact, JCI Achieve, and the Facilitator course is eligible to facilitate this course. Facilitators must remember to mark themselves as available for training on their JCI website so their name populates the facilitators list.

Active JCI members have equal opportunities to develop their skills and take bold actions to advance sustainable impact. To start organizing a Facilitator course, qualified officers should visit and select the “Organize” button to begin! Contact your JCI National or JCI Local Organization today to schedule a Facilitator course near you and learn how to register for upcoming skills development courses!

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