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Five Reasons to Attend the 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas in Mendoza, Argentina

The 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas in Mendoza, Argentina takes place rom 15 – 18 May. This Area Conference will bring together changemakers from all around the region of the Americas to participate in sustainable development workshops while engaging with one another over their mutual desire to create positive change in our communities. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and world-famous wine, attendees have plenty to explore in Mendoza in between conference sessions and networking with young active citizens.

Check out a few reasons why you should attend the 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas in Mendoza.

Connecting Lives – The 2019 Conference Theme
This year’s conference will be based around the central theme Connecting Lives, which will bring together attendees throughout the region to learn and connect with one another about advancing the 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development. Conference sessions and workshops will focus on synergy and how JCI members and stakeholders can use their connections to foster change at the local level. Come connect with young active citizens at the 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas and stay up to date with the conference program and information by visiting their website!

Explore Wine Country 
The climate levels that occur in the Unco Valleys of Mendoza creates some of the best wine in the world. With over 1,500 wineries to choose from, this region offers a true taste of Argentina. After spending your days discussing how to make the region better, unwind by trying the Malbec red for an authentic taste of Mendoza. Argentine wine country offers more than just amazing drinks — it also provides beautiful landscapes, making wine country a great place to relax after discussing sustainable development practices with active citizens.

Climb Mount Aconcagua
Mendoza is home to the second-largest summit in the world — Mount Aconcagua. Explore these incredible mountains located in the Aconcagua National Park while taking in the beauty of the surrounding glaciers and wildlife. If you want more of an adventure, try climbing the mountain range located in this gorgeous National Park — the Andes. No trip to Mendoza would be complete without exploring these gorgeous mountains to see the natural beauty of this region.

Get Inspired by the Public Speaking Championship
The Public Speaking Championship is one the most exciting events to take place at the JCI Area Conference. This Championship offers JCI members the unique opportunity to develop and demonstrate their public speaking abilities as well as share ideas on issues of particular importance to our fellow members. Voting is now open for you to decide your favorite public speaking topic. By attending the Conference of the Americas, you’ll get to see the judges decide a winner, who will have the great opportunity to represent the region of The Americas at the final JCI World Public Speaking Championship during the 2019 JCI World Congress in Tallinn, Estonia this November.

Dance the Tango
What better way to connect with JCI members than through dance! Argentina’s signature dance is the popular and energetic dance called the tango. The Argentine tango differs from other forms of the dance as it is more interpretive and improvisational. You can experience this staple of Argentine culture throughout the city in dance clubs and restaurants. Once you’ve mastered the dance, be sure to show your fellow changemakers how to tango at Global Village.

Register for the 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas today! The Conference Organizing Committee has worked to ensure that the 2019 JCI Conference of the Americas is not one you’ll soon forget. Visit the conference website for more information about travels, programming and accommodation.

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