News — March 26, 2019

Five Reasons to Attend the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference in Balaclava, Mauritius

With its brilliantly blue beaches, natural beauty and unique cultural makeup, the island nation of Mauritius is full of life and perfect location for the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle Conference. This exciting event will bring together young people dedicated to creating sustainable impact throughout the world by advancing the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Read five reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity to spark change and engage with young people from communities all around the region in the gorgeous Mauritius!

Business for Sustainable Development
This year’s conference focuses on providing opportunities and ideas on how to promote business for sustainable development in Africa and the Middle East. Learn how to bring business and sustainable development together so your Local Organization can gain attention and assistance from stallholders. All sessions, panels and forums will be dedicated to driving social and entrepreneurial change throughout Africa and the Middle East. Join young active citizens at this exciting Area Conference and find more detailed information on the program at the conference website.

Escape to Black River Gorges National Park
Nature lovers will find plenty to explore in Balaclava with its rich wildlife and unique terrain. The island is home to Black River Gorges National Park, where you can see over 300 species of flora and fauna, including many creatures not found anywhere else on earth. In addition to enchanting wildlife, the park contains many waterfalls and interesting landforms to hike and explore. This park is the perfect place to experience the beauty of Mauritius in between conference sessions.

Engage and Connect at the Economic Partnership Forum
At the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, there will be countless opportunities for development and networking for impact. At the Economic Partnership Forum, you can take part in a session that will drive economic growth in Africa for years to come. This event will bring together focal persons from the I Am Africa campaign, community stakeholders and economic leaders for a discussion on how young people can advance the economic goals of Africa and the Middle East. Don’t miss this important discussion for the entire area.

Relax at Flic-en-Flac Beach
After a few days of attending the exciting program sessions at the Conference, come relax at the most popular beach in Mauritius. With its beautiful white sand and crystal blue waters, Flic-en-Flac Beach is a dreamy destination for any traveler. The 8-kilometer beach is surrounded by coral reefs and protected by a lagoon, making it ideal for swimming and water sports. You can grab a bite to eat at the many dining options along Flic-en-Flac, enjoy shopping or the nightlife scene around the beach.

Experience the Mystery of the Seven Colored Earth
Mauritius is full of beauty and one of its most unique natural wonders is the Seven Colored Earth in forests of Chameral. This mysterious rock covers about 7500 meters of the forest and was created by decomposing volcanic rock. Its marble-like appearance contains an array of different hues. When you’re finished gazing on this incredible formation, be sure to check out the nearby waterfall and catch a glimpse of the Seychelles tortoises living in the forest. Mauritius is truly an island full of wonder!

Register for the 2019 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference today! The Conference Organizing Committee has worked hard to create an engaging program full of ways to improve sustainable development opportunities and encourage attendees to create impact in their communities. Visit the conference website for more information about travels, programming and accommodation.

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