News — April 17, 2019

HAVO 3 winner 24th JCI Nilom National Speech Contest 2019 Suriname

Fanathy Paal from HAVO 3 is the winner of the 24th JCI Nilom National Speech Contest, Suriname. This contest was held on Saturday, April 13 in the Congress Hall. Thirteen students from different High schools participated.

There was a high tension between the thirteen participants of this annual event. During the semifinals and the finals, on the same evening, the participants were able to choose from a number of topics, on which they had to complete a speech within three minutes. They spoke about Clean Suriname, the elimination of poverty, the importance of water and the usefulness of a National Youth Parliament (NJP). The topics were chosen in consultation with them.

The purpose of this event is to show students how to think and speak in public. Through this event, the organization tries to provide young people with basic skills such as: communication skills, critical thinking and self-confidence to create a positive impact in their environment. In the final, the top five were given the opportunity to prepare a five minute speech in twenty minutes time. They spoke about the international goal of giving young people economic and financial awareness. In addition, what they would do as young people to stimulate this with their peers.

With a well-constructed killer speech, winner Paal was able to clearly explain why financial awareness is very important from an early age. "Investing in your own education is an insurance policy for a stable financial and economic future," she responded. The second and third place were claimed by sister and brother Shayrain and Saviyel Marcus, from Havo 1. The fifth place was for Allanah Carron who represented the Miranda Lyceum. Iraida Kowe of HAVO 2 won the 23rd edition last year. The 25th edition in 2020 will therefore be exciting, as the JCI Nilom chapter in Suriname already looks forward to it.

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