News — April 25, 2019

JCI Nilom provides more insights for potential members

Involvement is an important aspect within an organization. To strengthen the relationship between the JCI Nilom board and the potential members, this chapter has organized an observers day. This took place on Saturday, April 20, 2019. Six potential members participated. Involvement is an important aspect within an organization.

These six members gained more knowledge about JCI in general and about their own chapter JCI Nilom, Suriname. With the assistance of the JCI Suriname National President, Klebert Drenthe, the potential members were also informed about the JCI Leadership ladder, to have an idea how the path to the top of the organization looks like.

After the informative part, the members were allowed to brainstorm considerably about the Member Journey Map - what that might look like. For us as a board it is important to map this out so that we take this into account in all our activities - the journey of the member. For this, three groups were created in which there were potential members and board members combined.

It was very educational and of course also fun. The members have more motivation and willingness to connect and really commit themselves to JCI. "JCI Nilom is simpley where men perform exceptionally well to empower others," emphasizes Mario Vermeer, JCI Nilom Local President, Suriname. This observers Day was coordinated by the JCI Nilom Vice President Internal, Ruiz Kartoredjo. 

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