News — June 01, 2019

JCI Nilom's Bingo Drive; A successful fundraising project

On the 1st of May 2019, JCI Nilom from Suriname organized a fundraising project called "Wrokoman Dey Bingo Drive."
More than a hundred people  participated. The big prize to win was a ticket to the Caribbean Island Curacao.

With this project JCI Nilom's goal was to raise finances in order to fund other projects. In total, this chapter raised about ten thousand Surinamese Dollar. The project team was lead by director Nico Haakmat. "It was difficult to get sponsors for this project. But at the end, we could get the minimum we needed to successfully execute this project. I am proud of my team members for their support. That is the strong brotherhood we have within JCI Nilom," fellow Haakmat states.

The participants loved the way this project was organized and are proud that there are young men who try their best to do good deeds - raising finances in this way to fund other projects in order to create a positive impact. Although, they want more Bingo Drives to be organized in a year.

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