News — June 18, 2019

JCI Mentor of the Week: Paul Robert Tiendrebeogo

Learning about the success of JCI Alumni, such as Paul Robert Tiendrebeogo— Senator from JCI Burkina Faso, showcases how joining the JCI movement can change a young person’s life. Tiendrebeogo’s long career in diplomacy includes several different posts at the United Nations and as an officer for the government of Burkina Faso. As an active member of JCI Ougadougou from 1990 - 1994, Tiendrebeogo learned impactful leadership tools that he didn’t realize would influence his professional career years to come.

“The culture of friendship and fraternity helped me greatly in my job as a diplomat,” says Tiendrebeogo.

Tiendrebeogo received a degree in Public Law and International Studies from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (IUHEI) in Geneva, his Master’s degree in Public Law from the University of Ougadougou and a Baccalaureate in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He also holds a diploma for Diplomatic Internship from the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon.

He began his professional career as an entrepreneur in 1989 when he co-founded the Multi-Conseils Associés, a consulting firm specializing in business creation, consulting, financial mediation and training.

For Tiendrebeogo, he still carries fond memories from his years as a JCI member, including the relaunch of JCI Burkina Faso which was followed by an Area Conference in Harare where he received his JCI Training certification.

“The most important resources from JCI are local and global citizenship education, as well as leadership training,” says Tiendrebeogo. “Time management and the permanent quest for results are also assets of my life in JCI.”

After Tiendrebeogo joined JCI, he went on to achieve success throughout his international affairs career. In 2007, he became Ambassador Diplomatic Advisor to the President of Burkina Faso. The following year, he was appointed Ambassador Deputy Permanent Representative for Burkina Faso in the United Nations as well as standing in as a representative for the country on the Security Council.

After serving as the Special Advisor for Political and Diplomatic Affairs to the President of Burkina Faso, Tiendrebeogo joined the United Nations team. From 2012 -2014, he served as the Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Organization International Francophonie (OIF) in New York City. During this time, Tiendrebeogo was the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso in Vienna, where he was eventually accredited to Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia as well.

Since 31 January 2018, Tiendrebeogo has been the Minister for African Integration and Burkinabè Abroad. Prestigious alumni like Paul Tiendrebeogo are clear examples of how the JCI Local and National Organizations can motivate audacious and innovative professionals who are destined to be inspirational leaders in all aspects of life.

“JCI is a youth movement that, through training and empowerment, will provide you with the keys to life,” says Tiendrebeogo.

Look forward to more of these stories from JCI alumni who live the Mission, Vision and Values. 

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