News — June 18, 2019

Motivational & Awareness Program JCI Nilom to empower students

As the JCI mission states: "To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change", JCI Nilom, from Suriname, is trying to implement this through the Motivational and Awareness Program (MAP). This school year Nilom has trained more than 350 students at MBO level on the basis of this program. Almost 100 more than last year.

The training courses of JCI Nilom have a motivational character and are intended to provide the students with tools for studying better and also to put down a good performance in the workplace. The trainings that were provided are: Time Management, Assertiveness, Leadership & Decision-making, Professional attitude and Project Management Basics.

The students found the training sessions to be very intensive, but completely instructive. "These trainings will allow me to achieve good school results and perform well in the workplace," some students say. In addition, they find the trainers very inspiring and can make a personal connection with the perception of the student.

The school principals are also very satisfied with this JCI Nilom MAP project. They have indicated that they are looking forward to an even better collaboration for the next school year, with many more students. "The result is clearly noticeable with most students after they have followed the training," one of the school principals says.

The director of this project is fellow Dion Bruce. He indicates that he was happy to have led this project and learned enough things from the challenges. "But that's what we do, right? Try, learn, do again, succeed! Simply the JCI attitude," Bruce states. The students were from the following schools: IMEAO Geyersvlijt, Scholengemeenschap Sanatan Dharm and IMEAO Nickerie. The project was completed on 24 May.

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