News — August 05, 2019

Riza Kadilar, JCI Istanbul, Turkey

This week, we recognize another outstanding member of the JCI Alumni family, Senator Riza Kadilar from JCI Turkey.

An author, mentor and investment strategist, Kadilar credits JCI Turkey with the development of his interpersonal and leadership skills. For Kadilar, JCI offered opportunities for his personal development, professional training and lifelong friendships.

“JCI is a great school offering you unique experiences that will enable you to master what it takes to be an effective leader in your life to create positive change for your loved ones and for your community,” says Kadilar.

Kadilar spent ten years in JCI, becoming president of JCI Istanbul in 1996. During this time, he led the 2001 JCI European Conference as the Conference Director, which Kadilar called a challenging and rewarding experience. Kadilar also participated in the JCI European Academy as both a participant and trainer. In 2006, he was given the responsibility of the JCI European Academy’s head trainer.

“JCI gave me all I needed to be successful in my career not only as a senior international investment banker, but as a social entrepreneur and community leader,” says Kadilar.

As a professional, Kadilar served in various senior positions at international financial firms. He is the president of the English-Speaking Union in Turkey. For nine years, he spent his time as a president of European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Kadilar is a frequent guest speaker at universities and seminars focused on finance and international business.

Kadilar holds a PhD in Economics and a degree in Engineering at Stanford University. He holds an MBA in Business Management and Administration from HEC Paris. He also received a degree from INSEAD in 2002 for Executive Management and Investment Bank Management.

Kadilar is the author of several books and his work has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor for Europe at the Georgetown University MacDougal School of Business.

“You cannot change the world without understanding how to change yourself. JCI gives you a unique opportunity to learn and grow while experiencing leadership opportunities,” says Kadilar. 

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