News — August 11, 2019

JCI Nilom members strengthen themselves with training Creative Leadership & Communication

JCI Nilom complies with the mission of the organization: "To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change". On Saturday 3 August 2019, the members attended an internal training course on Creative Leadership & Communication,
provided by a top COO with years of experience from one of the largest companies in Suriname, Mr. Dirk Currie.

The young active gentlemen from Nilom found the training very interesting and practical. The trainer used theory and combined it with current situations within Suriname. There were intensive moments, certainly when analyzing and resolving business, leadership and communication cases.

Discussions also started about the experiences of members in the workplace and within the JCI organization. It is intended that members use this knowledge, experience and skills in their daily functioning.

This training is part of their ABC-Program. To keep an organization running you need to have motivated members. And investing in their knowledge and skills is one of the ways to contribute to this. It is JCI Nilom - the TEMPO boys from Suriname.

TEMPO: Team Empowered Men Pushing Others

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