News — September 01, 2019

JCI President Names Interim JCI Secretary General

Today, JCI President Alexander Tio has announced the appointment of longtime JCI Headquarters Team Member, Earl Sawyer, to the role of Interim JCI Secretary General.

“Today marks the close of an important chapter in the history of JCI with the resignation of Secretary General Arrey Obenson, which was effective yesterday. We all wish Arrey the best as he moves on and thank him for his many contributions to JCI over the years. With that said, I am excited to announce Earl Sawyer will be the Interim JCI Secretary General until the organization hires a new full-time person. The Executive Board of Directors, staff and others have expressed great confidence in Earl and we know he will do a great job in this role, as he has always done for our great organization,” stated President Tio.

Sawyer has worked in various capacities within JCI since 2003, serving in the Foundation and Senate Administrator roles, and as Executive Director of Membership Services among other duties as assigned. He also served as the JCI USA Interim Executive Director and has been a Local Organization Member President, JCI USA Awards Chairman and JCI USA Senate Vice President among other roles. He has attended 21 JCI World Congress and numerous other Conferences, National Meetings and more. In addition to having significant experience in JCI, Earl had a very successful business career in Management and Regulatory Supervision at AT&T/SBC, in-store management with Disney and as a small business owner for over 30 years. Earl is happily married to Mary, who some may know from her active engagement in JCI events and activities. They have a son and two grandchildren.

Earl will handle the day to day activities of the JCI Headquarters Team and carry out the Constitutional responsibilities of the Secretary General until, as noted, a new Secretary General is hired and approved by the General Assembly. 2007 JCI President Scott Greenlee will continue to serve as a Consultant to JCI Headquarters, as appointed by President Tio, during this transitional time, while also Chairing the Secretary General Search Committee. Parties interested in being considered for the role of JCI Secretary General should click here!

Please join all within JCI in welcoming Earl Sawyer to this new role as we wish him many successes in this job for the next several months.  Thank you to Secretary General Earl for your continued service to the organization that we all love.

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