News — October 18, 2019

Eleven Awards for JCI Nilom

During the award ceremony of the JCI Suriname National Convention in Anaula, Sipaliwini, it was announced that JCI Nilom was able to win 11 awards.

These awards are awarded to JCI chapters and individuals for their worthy achievement, inside and outside the organization. The categories are:

1. Most Outstanding Local Organization
2. Most Outstanding Local President (Mario Vermeer)
3. Most Outstanding Member (Ruiz Kartoredjo)
4. Public Speaking Champion 2019 (Denzil Aserie)
5. Best Local Personal Skill Development Program
6. Best Local Growth and Development Program
7. Best Local Global Goals
8. Best Local Economic Development Program
9. Best Creative Talent at Chapter Night
10. Best First Timer (Chivian Gilliot)
11. Best Male Dress during the Convention

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