News — January 08, 2020

New Year's Message Local President JCI Nilom, Ruiz Kartoredjo

Dear fellows,

Again… we are at the beginning of a new year. Let’s look at ourselves like authors and see the year as a book. For some of us it will be a revised edition and for others a whole new book. It is all about the story that will be written or the
adjustments that will be made.

As the Local President for JCI Nilom, I took the responsibility to carry this organization on my shoulders, together with the other board members. I am fully aware that I cannot do it myself, so I am looking forward to writing this 2020 story together with you.

We have grown as an organization and feel the pressure more and more. This means that we constantly challenge ourselves to greatness. And so it will be in 2020.

Our theme for this year is “EPiC”, which stands for Empower. Progress. Inspire. Celebration. As we are getting ready for our 50th anniversary, this must be our year of epicness—which literally means the quality or state of being epic— as organization and individual.

Let us bring all our strengths together and ensure that we create the impact that is needed in our society. Because society needs us. The world needs us!
YOU are Nilom. WE are Nilom… New Integer Leaders On The Move!

I wish you and your loved ones an EPiC 2020.

With epicness,

Ruiz Kartoredjo
2020 Local President JCI Nilom

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