News — February 13, 2020

JCI Female (Suriname) "Dare to be Different''

JCI Female (Suriname)  "Dare to be Different''

On Sunday the 9th of February 20 femalers ( Members & Observers ) of JCI Female attended the "Dare to be Different" training. This training was provided by Rinat Adipi together with Melisa Fredericks from Diepte Promootje - Marketing Consultant. The training consisted of 3 main parts.

The first part of the training was about the personal level:

 - Identify your talents
- What are you good at?
- and things that you would like to improve on yourself.

The second part of the training was about the discussion of being result-oriented or goal-oriented.

The last part was about the individual as part of the JCI organization. The focus was on envisioning of what a "perfect member" and "perfect leadership" should look like.

The attendees experienced the training as very interesting, interactive, good and above all fun. It was a good moment to talk about our characteristics and goals.

Sustainable Development through Female Leadership

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