News — March 08, 2020

International Women's Day Message by the JCI Female (Suriname) President

'The world needs strong women.

Women who will lift & build others, who will love & be loved.

Women who live bravely, both tender & fierce.

Women of indomitable will.'

          -Amy Tenney-

Women are priceless and a very important link in our society. A society without women would be incomplete. Unfortunately, we notice that very few women still hold top positions and there is still stigma about what a woman can and cannot do. Without creating an idea that we do not need men, it is time that we, as women, demand our place and take the lead.

Today is March the 8th, 2020 and this day is internationally commemorated as the day of women with the annual theme of freedom “Each for equal”.

Today is therefore the day to stand still as women and ask ourselves the following 3 questions:

1. Where do we want to go?

2. What contribution do we want to make?

3. How are we known?

It is not only today that we must consider the position of women. We actually have to ask ourselves these questions every day. We must be aware of our role as women and our position on a daily basis. If you are a housewife, director or minister, Suriname needs you, the world needs you!

Do not limit yourself!

You can do more than you think!

Get everything out of yourself!

Not only in Suriname, but we need female leadership all over the world.

We must claim our place so we, as women, can bring sustainable changes in our own way.

With this message, I congratulate all women on this day and wish you all a thoughtful international women’s day.

Gabriëlle Leeflang

Local President 2020

JCI Female (Suriname)

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